Kiko Loureiro Opens Up About Leaving Megadeth, ‘Dave Wasn’t Excepting It’

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In a candid chat with Guitar World, Kiko Loureiro shared his unexpected decision to leave Megadeth, a move that took Dave Mustaine by surprise.

Loureiro opened up about his deep longing to reunite with his family in Brazil, a trip he hadn’t made since 2019 due to the pandemic. He chose Thanksgiving 2023 for his visit, knowing it was a quiet time for Megadeth.

Balancing life as a rockstar and a family man proved challenging for Loureiro. He often wrestled with the guilt of being away from home during key family moments. The strain peaked during Megadeth’s intense three-month summer tour in 2023. Feeling out of sync and unable to give his all, he confided in Mustaine in June, expressing his dilemma.

Loureiro’s decision was tough, as he loved performing but knew his family needed him more. Mustaine was caught off guard, especially since they had just performed in Florida. Loureiro promptly informed the band’s management, opting out of the September gigs and offering to assist in finding his replacement.

Initially planning a short break from Megadeth in September 2023, Loureiro later announced an extension into 2024. The decision, made after thoughtful discussions with Mustaine and the management, was due to the band’s hefty touring schedule. Loureiro wanted to ensure his absence wouldn’t disrupt Megadeth’s plans or the efforts of the touring crew.

Post-departure, Teemu Mäntysaari was picked as the new guitarist for the 2024 concerts. Nonetheless, Loureiro hinted to the management and Mustaine that bringing Marty Friedman back could be a fantastic move, a sentiment he shared during his Guitar World interview.

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