Lars Ulrich explains why he’s using four drummers on Metallica’s current tour

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Metallica, known for their groundbreaking performances, has once again pushed the envelope with their innovative concert format for the “M72” tour, promoting their fresh-out-of-the-studio album, ’72 Seasons’. Each city is treated to a two-night spectacle, with no song repeated.

The concert setup is nothing short of revolutionary. Imagine a colossal ringed stage; right at its heart lies the electrifying ‘Snake Pit’, with fans becoming the central attraction.

Radiating outwards are four distinct drum setups. This unique arrangement ensures that Lars Ulrich, the rhythmic backbone of the band, can transition between these stations, offering fans an up-close and immersive drumming experience.

In a candid chat with The New York Times, Lars Ulrich revealed the inception of this game-changing idea:

“For the first time, we’ve broken the conventional mold of a 360-degree stage setup in an arena. The question that stirred our creative juices was: ‘Why not position the fans, our true heartbeat, right in the center?’ This pivot led to the birth of the quad-drum layout, with each kit facing a cardinal direction, revolutionizing our entire stage dynamics.”

As per a snippet from Billboard, the Herculean task of mobilizing Metallica’s mammoth production requires a convoy of 87 trucks.

This includes 45 dedicated to the ensemble and their instruments, with the remainder transporting the avant-garde steel stage and towering structures.

The on-road team comprises 130 stalwart crew members, bolstered by an additional 40 local wizards – laborers, contractors, and the unsung heroes, the truck drivers.

Offering more insights, Cliff Burnstein, the strategic mind behind Metallica, mentioned to Billboard that a whopping 80 to 90 percent of Metallica aficionados ensure they bask in the glory of both performances.

For fans unable to catch them live, Metallica has another treat up their sleeve. Their twin performances at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, slated for the coming weeks, will be beamed live across theaters worldwide, a cinematic musical fest.

Interestingly, this will be their maiden performance in the Lone Star state since their November 2021 cameo at a Triad Combat event at Globe Life Field.

Switching gears, Metallica recently went digital to shower birthday love on Juanes, the Colombian sensation. Their camaraderie traces back to Juanes’ memorable contribution to the 2020 homage album, “The Metallica Blacklist”.

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