Lzzy Hale On Joining Skid Row: ‘It’s Just Giving Everybody A Reason To Smile’

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In a recent interview with Loudwire, Lzzy Hale of Halestorm opened up about her experience stepping in as the new singer for Skid Row. Surprisingly, she shared that she hadn’t encountered any hate or negative comments, which she considers a rarity in the history of rock. Expressing her excitement, Hale emphasized the supportive atmosphere among the band members during this transition, especially amidst Eric Grönwall’s personal challenges.

Reflecting on the band’s camaraderie, Hale highlighted the mutual care and respect among them, as they navigate this period of change. She revealed her willingness to contribute to the band’s well-being by offering her support and lending her voice to upcoming performances. Despite initial concerns, Hale expressed gratitude for the overwhelmingly positive feedback she received from fans, noting that it has brought smiles to everyone involved.

However, not everyone seemed pleased with Hale’s involvement. When Skid Row announced Hale’s temporary tenure, former frontman Sebastian Bach reportedly unfollowed her on social media and expressed dissatisfaction with the band’s decision. Bach suggested that instead of introducing a new singer, the band should focus on honoring their legacy and giving back to the fans.

In response to speculation about a potential reunion with Skid Row, Bach remained open to the idea, citing his continued connection to the band’s music and the desire to give back to the fans who have supported them throughout the years. Despite the mixed reactions, Hale’s entry into Skid Row marks a significant moment in both her career and the band’s journey, underscoring the power of collaboration and unity in the world of rock music.

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