Lzzy Hale Ruins Sebastian Bach’s Reunion Plans With Skid Row

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During a conversation with Terrie Carr from 105.5 WDHA radio in Morristown, New Jersey, Lzzy Hale hinted that her involvement with Skid Row might extend beyond the initially announced four concerts.

This comes after Skid Row recently shared the news of their separation from vocalist Erik Grönwall, citing his health issues, and named Hale as their lead for the upcoming shows.

Lzzy expressed optimism about the possibility of additional performances with Skid Row, though she remained non-committal about joining the band on a permanent basis. She shared her thoughts, indicating an open door for future opportunities:

“It looks like these four shows won’t be the last time you’ll see me with Skid Row. As for becoming a permanent member, that’s something we’ll have to see, depending on how our schedules align. But it’s an exciting prospect, isn’t it?”

The departure of Grönwall from Skid Row sparked speculation among fans about a potential reunion with original frontman Sebastian Bach. Bach himself, in a discussion with Metal Hammer, didn’t dismiss the idea of rejoining his former band. He highlighted the awkwardness of profiting from music created with bandmates he hasn’t seen in decades, pointing to a moral obligation to the fans:

“The thought of reuniting with Skid Row isn’t far-fetched, especially since we’re all still connected by the music we created. It feels odd to benefit from our collective work without actually contributing back to the community that supports us.”

Bach’s comments now seem more poignant in light of Hale’s recent revelations about her future with Skid Row. Fans are eagerly awaiting Lzzy Hale’s debut performance with the band on May 17 at the Walker’s Bluff Casino Resort in Carterville, Illinois, followed by additional dates, as they speculate on the dynamic this collaboration might bring to Skid Row’s future.

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