Mick Mars Releases New Song And Says ‘I Might Lose Some Fans’

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Mick Mars, the legendary guitarist, recently shared insights about his musical journey and upcoming solo album, ‘The Other Side of Mars,’ in interviews with Guitar World and Metal Hammer.

He spoke about embracing both the ‘Mötley’ and ‘Mars’ sides of his artistry, emphasizing his unique sound and vision. Mars expressed a willingness to both gain and lose fans in pursuit of his authentic sound, highlighted in his new single ‘Loyal to the Lie.’

Discussing his new album, Mars revealed his ambition to create something ‘big and mean,’ showcasing his distinct tone and acknowledging the finite nature of his career. He emphasized that his sound is unmistakably his own, reflecting a blend of experiences and influences.

Regarding his past with Mötley Crüe, Mars addressed overcoming legal challenges and the impact on his music. In a conversation with Eddie Trunk, he clarified that ‘Loyal to the Lie’ is not about his disputes with the band, but rather a broader commentary on deceit in various realms.

Finally, Mars conveyed his excitement about his solo career, a long-held aspiration now realized following his tenure with Mötley Crüe. With a clear vision for his music, he is already planning future projects, eager to explore new creative avenues.

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