Mick Mars Won’t Make Peace With Mötley Crüe: ‘Impossible’

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In a revealing interview with Guitar World, Mick Mars shared his thoughts on the possibility of mending fences with his former bandmates from Mötley Crüe, categorically stating that reconciliation seems beyond reach. Mars highlighted the depth of the rift that has developed, indicating that the chances of coming together again are virtually nonexistent.

“I’d say it’s a closed chapter… Reconciliation is out of the question. I’m not under a gag order, but I’ve learned the hard way that anything I say could be twisted and used against me,” Mars conveyed.

Mars treaded carefully while discussing the lawsuit, hinting at the sensitivity and potential implications of his statements on the ongoing legal proceedings.

The backdrop to these comments is a series of legal and personal conflicts that have erupted since Mars announced he would no longer tour with Mötley Crüe in 2022. His departure set off a legal battle, with Mars accusing the band of trying to push him out of the group entirely, including his stake in their business dealings. Among other allegations, Mars accused Nikki Sixx of dishonesty and performing deceptively.

The band countered, interpreting Mars’s retirement as a resignation, leading to a significant legal confrontation. The dispute saw a pivotal moment in January 2024 when a judge sided with Mars, criticizing the band for their delayed document submissions.

Mars’s attorney, Ed McPherson, hailed this ruling as a crucial victory, interpreting it as a stand against the band’s alleged intimidation tactics. The outcome of the arbitration still pending will determine Mars’s stake in the band and whether the band’s actions were legitimate.

On the other side, the band’s legal representation insists that the matter is resolved, suggesting that by complying with the document submission, they have met their legal responsibilities, thus rendering further claims by Mars irrelevant.

This ongoing saga not only underscores the legal entanglements but also sheds light on the deeply fractured relationship between Mars and Mötley Crüe, hinting at a divide too profound to bridge.

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