Mike Mangini Reveals ‘A Very Easy Way’ To Deal With Being Replaced By Mike Portnoy

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In a recent chat on “Chris Akin Presents…”, Mike Mangini opened up about his surprise when he learned Mike Portnoy was rejoining Dream Theater.

The band announced on October 25, 2023, that Mangini was leaving and Portnoy was coming back. When asked if Portnoy’s return was expected or a total shock, Mangini likened it to a fish suddenly jumping out of water – unexpected, yet the fish had been there all along.

Mangini shared how he quickly came to terms with the change, likening his understanding to instantly recognizing the original band member’s return.

He didn’t need to think hard; he just accepted it. He then spoke about looking forward to focusing on his long-awaited projects like publishing books, teaching classes, and personal growth through teaching others. For Mangini, this transition wasn’t just about leaving a band; it was an opportunity to pursue passions he had put on hold.

He emphasized that his exit and Portnoy’s comeback didn’t involve any drama. In a conversation with Eddie Trunk, Mangini described the switch as straightforward and intuitive. It was clear to him: the original band member was returning, and it was time for him to move on to other adventures.

Mike Portnoy, in a Drumeo interview, also noted the smooth transition, commending Mangini for his grace during the change. Mangini’s positive approach made a potentially challenging situation much smoother for everyone involved.

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