Mike Portnoy Completes Drum Recordings For Dream Theater’s New Album, John Petrucci Up Next

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Dream Theater is gearing up to release a new album, marking a significant phase in the band’s journey. Drummer Mike Portnoy has wrapped up his contributions, setting the stage for guitarist John Petrucci to take over. Portnoy shared an update on his Facebook, indicating the completion of his drum tracks for the band’s sixteenth album, DT16.

He hinted at the extensive work ahead, including guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals, and percussion, alongside the processes of lyric writing, mixing, and mastering. Despite the excitement within the band, details remain closely guarded for now.

This upcoming album is particularly noteworthy as it marks Mike Portnoy’s return to Dream Theater. Portnoy, who co-founded the band alongside Petrucci and bassist John Myung in 1985, had been a core part of the band’s journey through ten albums, from their debut in 1989 up until 2009. His departure in 2010 left fans longing for his return, which finally happened last October.

In a recent conversation with GuitarWorld, Petrucci expressed the band’s enthusiasm for creating new music with Portnoy back in the fold. He reminisced about their early days at Berklee College Of Music, underscoring the deep-rooted friendship and musical connection they share. With Portnoy’s return, the band feels a renewed sense of camaraderie and excitement for what lies ahead.

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