Nikki Sixx Drops A Bombshell About Mötley Crüe’s Future

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Mötley Crüe’s latest single, “Dogs of War,” dropped on April 26. In an interview with Interview magazine, Nikki Sixx discussed the track and hinted at future projects, revealing that a full-length album might not be in the cards. He explained:

“It’s different these days. You get a small preview of the album art, listen to a few tracks, and then get distracted. It’s all part of a playlist. So, we’re focusing on creating more standout songs rather than aiming for a collection of 10 or 11 tracks.”

He elaborated:

“Even with ‘Dr. Feelgood,’ one of our biggest hits, there are songs that don’t measure up to ‘Kickstart My Heart.’ They’re not bad, but I’d rather have a decade filled with ‘Kickstart My Hearts’ than just a few hits mixed with tracks like ‘Rattlesnake Shake’ and ‘Five Years Dead.’ Great album tracks, but our approach has evolved.”

The band recorded three songs in early 2023. According to John 5, two of these were new originals and one was a cover of the Beastie Boys’ “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!).”

Supporting Sixx’s sentiments, vocalist Vince Neil also stated earlier this month that a full album release isn’t in the near future. In an interview with Loudwire Nights, Neil mentioned:

“I don’t think you’ll see a full album anytime soon. It’s simpler to release a few tracks at a time in today’s landscape. Albums are a thing of the past. Back in the MTV days, you’d go to a record store, pick up your favorite album, and watch the videos on MTV. Now, with streaming services and various platforms, there are countless ways to enjoy music.”

Despite this shift, new music from Mötley Crüe is on the horizon, especially with their new deal with Big Machine Records. Neil added:

“We’re focusing on individual songs. We’ve got one ready to go, and we’re not sure when it will be released — maybe by the end of the year or early 2025. But you’ll definitely hear new tracks from Mötley soon.”

Meanwhile, the Crüe is gearing up for a North American tour starting June 21. They’ll perform at Summerfest 2024, followed by a show in Mount Pleasant, MI, on June 23.

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