NIKKI SIXX Says New MÖTLEY CRÜE Music Has Been Described As ‘Powerful Cross Between Country And Hip-Hop’

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Nikki Sixx recently hinted that MÖTLEY CRÜE’s new tunes are an intriguing blend of country and hip-hop. At 65, the main songwriter and bassist for CRÜE shared on X, previously known as Twitter, that their upcoming work has caught the attention of early listeners for its unique sound.

Over a year ago, the band laid down three new tracks with their go-to producer Bob Rock, including “Dogs Of War” and an interesting take on the BEASTIE BOYS’ anthem “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!).”

In January, CRÜE’s guitarist John 5 shared in an interview that the band is still cooking up new music. He teased a forthcoming song, expressing his excitement for the material that he believes fans will love. John 5 compared the heavy and compelling nature of these songs to the band’s earlier work, especially drawing parallels to the “Dr. Feelgood” era.

John 5 also recounted how Sixx’s natural songwriting process has continued to impress him, drawing from the raw energy of MÖTLEY CRÜE’s debut era. He emphasized that new music is always on the horizon, thanks to Sixx’s undying creativity in both lyrics and melodies, making every session together something special.

Drummer Tommy Lee shared his enthusiasm for the new material as well, particularly praising the three tracks recorded with Rock. Highlighting “Dogs Of War,” he hinted at a music video in the works and teased the possibility of more music in the future, given their constant drive to create.

John 5 hinted at an uncertain release plan, whether it be singles or a full album, expressing his satisfaction with the recorded songs’ quality. His involvement in the songwriting was collaborative, bringing years of partnership with Sixx into the studio. Recording with Bob Rock offered a fresh and thrilling experience, reminiscent of the raw, garage-band days, capturing the band’s essence in a powerful, new sound.

As for the music’s direction, John 5 assured fans of its heavy and intense nature, eagerly awaiting its release. He even suggested that the new material could surpass the intensity of some of their most iconic albums.

The band has continued to evolve, with John 5 stepping in as the guitarist following Mick Mars’ decision to step back from touring due to health issues. Despite this change, the spirit and energy of MÖTLEY CRÜE remain as vibrant as ever, promising fans an exciting blend of old and new in their latest work.


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