Ozzy Osbourne Reveals The Album He ‘Could Have Recorded Better’

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Imagine tasting success both as a band member and in your solo career, that’s Ozzy Osbourne. To be honest, his solo career saw even more commercial success. With his classic albums like Bark at the Moon, Blizzard of Ozz, etc in the 80s.

Throughout the years, people change, and their music taste too. Ozzy has released a number of albums both as a band and as a solo artist. And recently he revealed that there are some changes he would make regarding his album. In an interview with Goldmine brought by the Rock Celebrities website, Osbourne revealed that he would love to make changes in his certain album.

During the interview, he talked about his solo albums initially. That’s when he admitted that there is an album that he could’ve recorded better. Looking back as fans, there are no albums that can be deemed as a failure. Black Sabbath and himself both of them had a successful career. However, The Prince of Darkness believes he could have done something better with an album.

Looking back at his albums he recalled, “I don’t have a favorite song, per see. There are albums I like more than others. ‘Blizzard of Ozz’ with Randy Rhoads was a special, very special album. ‘Bark at the Moon’ was ok considering what I was going through emotionally.”

Then, there was a talk about his 1986 album, ‘The Ultimate Sin’. Ozzy revealed that it was his least favorite album ever recorded. He also said that work could have been recorded in a better way. He said, “Then there was ‘The Ultimate Sin,’ which was ‘take it or leave it.’ Some good songs but I felt I could have recorded them better. The next big album for me was ‘No More Tears’. This is still a great album. I still enjoy listening to the songs.”

Ozzy didn’t really like it. It was kind of disowned by Ozzy Osbourne. Talking with guitarist Gus who played with him from 2009 to 2017 revealed that he was not a fan o that work. He recalled Ozzy’s reaction when he said that he loved that album. He said,

“I love the song ‘Shot in the Dark’ and there are also many hidden gems on this album, like ‘Lightning Strikes’ and ‘Killer of Giants’. I remember telling Ozzy how much he liked the album, but he told me how much he hated it. It was a bad period in his life and he didn’t like the mix.”

‘The Ultimate Sin’ was released in 1986. It was a definition of glam rock and dominated the mainstream in the 80s. With colorful and shiny clothes, this work was undoubtedly one of his greatest for us fans. It was also Ozzy’s last album with Jake E. Lee. The songs in the album have great riffs and solos. Even though Ozzy didn’t like the album, ‘The Ultimate Sin’ it was his best-selling work at that time.

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