Ozzy Osbourne Says, “Black Sabbath Is Over”

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The Prince of Darkness surely made his name and tasted critical success in his career. The Godfather of heavy metal, Ozzy Osbourne contributed a lot to Black Sabbath until his departure from the band in 1979 due to drug and alcohol problems. Still, he went on to have a successful solo career with over 13 studio albums.

He had such an impact on Black Sabbath. He rejoined the group in 1997 and helped with the recording of the group’s final studio album ’13’. He also joined on several other occasions. He and the band ruled out the rock genre for about five decades.

The legendary rock band formed in Birmingham in 1968, has totally got people around their fingers. With many leading albums, number one in the charts along with successful live performances, these old geezers have achieved many impossible feats.

And after so many of their performances, seems like they are drawing the line over their road. Ozzy Osbourne revealed that he will no longer make music or tour with his former bandmates. He also disclosed that the band’s last album ’13’ doesn’t feel like a Black Sabbath album. From getting ruled out to being back in the band, Ozzy said “No more Black Sabbath.”

In a recent interview on SiriusXM Ozzy was asked about new works from Black Sabbath. And he responded, “No, not more Black Sabbath. But I wouldn’t say no to doing some more with Tony. Black Sabbath is completely different music to what I’m into now.”

He explained his point by continuing, “Well, it’s kind of, like, how many times do you wanna do the same… it’s the same format, you know? It was very successful for a lot of years, and people wanted to see us. I did that farewell tour. And the only thing about that which was sad Bill Ward wasn’t there.”

“But I’ve spoken to Bill since. He’s all right. I would work with any of them individually. But as Black Sabbath, I think it’s [over]. We couldn’t really beat what we’ve already done.”

He also talked about his relationship with other Black Sabbath members. He says they are all on good terms. He also told that he would work with them, but individually and not as a Black Sabbath. He explained that they can no longer be as successful as they were in the past. He said,

“To be honest, I listened to older music. So, I think the music coming right now, it’s a lot of shit. There’s nothing I’ve heard recently or in the last few years that made me go ‘Ohhh’.”

In the end, he also added, “I did that farewell tour and the only thing about that which was sad [was that original member] Bill Ward wasn’t there.”

Seems like The Prince didn’t love their last album at all. While talking about ’13’ he said they didn’t sound like Black Sabbath at all. When asked if he would like to continue he said, “I would like to say it’s completely done. I think it’s time. The only thing I really regret, to be honest, is that Bill Ward didn’t play on the album.”

“It wasn’t really a Black Sabbath album. I’m not saying that one day we might not all go in a room and come up with the perfect Black Sabbath album. But I’ll say, [13] wasn’t recorded the way Black Sabbath recorded records. We’d gone right back past the point where we took charge, back to when someone else had full control of our recording. Which we never did from Vol. 4 onwards.”

Right now in life, looks like Ozzy wants to retire and enjoy his time. When the interviewer became more personal, the Prince shared that he is planning to do a movie about him and his wife. While he did say that he didn’t want to continue as Black Sabbath, there is always a possibility of other collaborations.
Listen to the full interview down below.

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