OZZY OSBOURNE Wants To ‘Say Goodbye’ To Fans By Playing Two Final Shows In Birmingham

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Ozzy Osbourne, fronted by his wife and manager Sharon, plans to bid a final farewell to fans with two special shows in his birthplace, Birmingham.

This move comes after Ozzy’s announcement of not touring again due to health issues, including Parkinson’s disease and a severe fall. Despite these challenges, Ozzy’s voice remains in top shape, thanks to ongoing vocal training.

The iconic singer, known for his over five-decade-long career and hits with BLACK SABBATH and as a solo artist, aims to express his gratitude to his dedicated fans through these performances. While Ozzy has faced setbacks, including surgery and canceled tours, he’s determined to perform again, emphasizing a heartfelt goodbye to his supporters.


  1. Timothy kaelin Reply

    Mick should make up because everybody’s getting old by now I see them in 86 when they was really starting he has to make peace with motley Crue they’re an icon they’re Legends they made that legendary statement together so give it up make up come on now he love motley fool motley Crue has tremendous hits and done many things to change many people’s lives that I know they were a long part of my life growing up to their music was everything but now anyway you want baby what do you want baby girl

  2. Ozzy is by far the greatest musician alive today I seriously hope I get to see him live.

  3. 🫦OZZYS I no you had the surgery on your back im waiting for my neck and lower spine I need fusion to LORDY BE WHERE ALL GETTING OLDER NOW IM 58 years old OZZY YOU A BAD ASS I SEE YOUR VIDEOS OF U GETTING AROUND I FEEL FOR YOU IT LOOKS LIKE ME LOL IM LAUGHING AT MY SELF U NO THAT I WILL ALL WAYS HAVE LIVE FOR THE OSBORNES 🦇🩸🙏💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻🐾🐾🐾

  4. Helen Marks Reply

    The world without Ozzy’s music would be a dull one, would love to see him live one last time in Brum, where it all started x x

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