OZZY OSBOURNE’s Determined To Visit The BLACK SABBATH Bench In Birmingham

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Ozzy Osbourne, the iconic heavy metal legend, has expressed his determination to visit the famous BLACK SABBATH Bench on Broad Street in Birmingham, his hometown.

In a recent video interview with his wife Sharon, Ozzy shared his excitement about seeing the bench, even stating he would “crawl there” if necessary.

Reflecting on his childhood in Birmingham, Ozzy reminisced about minding cars for tips during Aston Villa’s matches, highlighting his deep-rooted connection to the city.

Sharon, in a gesture of gratitude, sent the exclusive video to Mike Olley, the general manager of Westside BID, who played a significant role in creating and maintaining the bench.

In the video, Ozzy expressed his gratitude for the recognition of BLACK SABBATH’s legacy in Birmingham, emphasizing the significance of the bench as a tourist attraction.

The conversation turned nostalgic as Ozzy shared memories of Aston and his experiences during football matches, adding a personal touch to his anticipation of visiting the bench.

Sharon and Ozzy discussed plans to make a day out of the visit, mentioning boutique hotels and a possible beer, although Sharon jokingly insisted on water for Ozzy.

In closing, Ozzy thanked Mike Olley for his efforts, expressing heartfelt gratitude for the bench and its meaning to him.

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