Paul Stanley Defends KISS Avatars: ‘People Got The Wrong Impression’

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In a recent discussion with Ultimate Classic Rock, Paul Stanley cleared up some misunderstandings about KISS’s foray into the realm of digital avatars. The announcement came during their last live show at Madison Square Garden on December 2, where the band gave fans a sneak peek into their digital future. Stanley emphasized that the initial perception of the avatars might have been slightly skewed. He pointed out:

“People might have got the wrong idea at first about the avatars. At the Garden, we just wanted to show a taste of what’s on the horizon.”

He further elaborated that the avatars are still in the early stages and are not meant to be substitutes for the band members. Instead, they represent a new facet of what KISS represents, a diversification rather than a replacement:

“The avatars are just starting out. They’re nowhere near their final form or purpose yet. They’re not about replacing us with digital versions. It’s more about adding a new dimension to what KISS represents.”

The creation of these KISS avatars is a collaboration with Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), backed by funding and production from Pophouse Entertainment in Sweden. Stanley expressed his excitement about the project, viewing it as a way to ensure the band’s enduring presence:

“We’ve done incredible things, but there’s more to achieve. The band needs to continue beyond us; it’s larger than any individual member.”

Tommy Thayer, the guitarist for KISS, shared his insights on the avatar project in a chat with Guitar World. He acknowledged that crafting the perfect digital representation is a work in progress, sharing a sentiment similar to Stanley’s:

“Working on the avatars has been a fascinating journey. It’ll take some time to perfect their look. I’m still wrapping my head around the bigger picture, but it’s clear that entertainment is swiftly moving in this tech-forward direction.”

Gene Simmons, in a fan meeting at New York City’s Electric Lady studios, disclosed that the band has poured a significant $200 million into the avatar initiative. The grand unveiling of the KISS avatars is eagerly anticipated for 2027.

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