Paul Stanley On His And Gene Simmons’ Kids Taking Over KISS

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Paul Stanley of Kiss shared insights on whether his and Gene Simmons’ offspring have any intentions of continuing the Kiss legacy. Speaking with Real Radio Monsters, Stanley clarified that the idea doesn’t appeal to them. Instead, Sophie and Nick Simmons, along with Evan, have carved out their paths, fostering a familial bond akin to siblings. Stanley regards Shannon as a sister-in-law, highlighting the deep connections formed over the years.

He elaborated on the unique relationship among the children, emphasizing their mutual support, except when it comes to performing under the KISS banner. Despite growing up in the shadow of Kiss, Nick and Evan are unlikely to share the stage with the iconic band’s insignia.

Regarding their musical endeavors, while a direct involvement with Kiss isn’t on the horizon, the children are making waves in the music scene. Evan Stanley, at 30, has been active in music, releasing solo singles and performing with his band, The Dives, as of 2021. Sophie Simmons is also making her mark, having released a new EP in 2023. It’s clear that while they may not follow directly in their fathers’ footsteps with Kiss, their passion for music is a familial trait.

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