Rex Brown Signals New Pantera Music

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Rex Brown has hinted at the potential for new music from Pantera in a recent chat with AndrewHaug, sparking intrigue and anticipation. When prodded about the band venturing into new musical territories, Brown’s response was cautiously optimistic, yet he chose to keep the details under wraps, stating, “Oh, absolutely. Yeah, I could tell you more but I’m not going to.”

In the same discussion, Brown expressed amazement at the band’s ability to attract a new wave of younger fans who are experiencing Pantera’s music live for the first time. This new generation’s enthusiastic reception and the band’s growing cohesiveness from performing together have been highlights for Brown. He emphasized the importance of rehearsal and spontaneous jam sessions in fostering the band’s tight-knit performance dynamic.

On the other hand, Zakk Wylde presents a contrasting viewpoint regarding new music. Despite his critical role in channeling Dimebag Darrell’s legendary guitar work, Wylde remains focused on current commitments, leaving the prospect of new Pantera tracks an open question for the future. He even suggested that any new material might emerge under a different moniker.

Drummer Charlie Benante also weighed in on the topic, acknowledging the mixed feelings surrounding new music, especially given the absence of founding members Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul. While open to exploring new music, Benante expressed a preference for a live album compilation as a way to honor the band’s legacy and current momentum. He revealed ongoing discussions about recording shows for a potential live album, capturing the best moments from various performances.

As Pantera gears up to join Metallica on a stadium tour next year, the band’s future, including the possibility of new music, remains a tantalizing question mark for fans and members alike.

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