Rob Halford Confirms His Solo Blues Record Is Almost Ready To Release

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In a recent interview with Germany’s Rock Antenne, Rob Halford, the iconic voice behind Judas Priest, shared exciting news about nearing the completion of his first blues solo album.

Halford opened up about his long-standing desire to dive into the blues genre, a foundational pillar for metal and rock music. He reminisced about his blues fandom and how it led him to embark on this musical journey, alongside his brother, nephew Alex (son of Ian Hill, on bass), and a close friend. This team, which had previously collaborated on the ‘Celestial’ Christmas album, is now steering towards blues.

Halford emphasized the importance of timing and planning in bringing a music project to life. He expressed his eagerness to release the blues album once the timing aligns perfectly with his schedule.

The singer also paid tribute to blues legends in an interview with New York’s 102.3 WBAB radio station. He highlighted the indispensable influence of the blues on rock and roll, crediting icons like Little Richard, Bill Haley, Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, and Bessie Smith for their pioneering contributions. Halford’s love for the blues stems from his childhood and he firmly believes in its significant impact on metal music.

While details about the album’s release remain under wraps, Halford is also juggling his role in Judas Priest. The band recently released ‘Invincible Shield’ in March 2024 and is currently touring Europe to promote the album.


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