Sammy Hagar Explains Why Alex Van Halen Lives In Seclusion and Doesn’t Want To Be Friends

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In a recent interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, Sammy Hagar, the former lead singer of Van Halen, shared his thoughts on a potential collaboration involving David Lee Roth and Alex Van Halen, the brother of the late guitarist Eddie Van Halen.

Hagar expressed that a team-up between Roth and Alex Van Halen could be intriguing, but he also acknowledged the complexities and emotional dynamics involved. He reminisced about Van Halen being one of the greatest bands and a significant chapter in his musical career, emphasizing the importance of sharing those experiences and having fun.

Hagar also touched upon the apparent reluctance of Alex Van Halen to engage with former band members, including himself and Mike. He speculated that Alex might still be grappling with the loss of his brother and the changes within the band. While Hagar expressed no ill feelings towards Alex, he noted the lack of communication and friendship.

Optimistically, Hagar mentioned that there is still plenty of time to mend relationships and work things out, humorously noting his intention to live to a hundred, giving them ample opportunity to reconcile in the future.

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