Sammy Hagar Harshly Criticizes David Lee Roth And Alex Van Halen

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Sammy Hagar recently shared his thoughts on a popular show, THAT Rocks!, expressing disappointment over David Lee Roth and Alex Van Halen’s lack of interest in a Van Halen reunion.

When the conversation turned to a fan’s query on Instagram about a tribute to Van Halen, Sammy confirmed he’s open to the idea but clarified it wouldn’t be a reunion. He emphasized his direct engagement with fans online, stating, “I personally respond on my platforms. I might have hinted at something because I do have plans to perform, but let’s not confuse it with a Van Halen reunion. That’s a whole other matter, but I’m ready to dive into this topic since it seems we’re revisiting an old tale.”

Explaining further why a reunion seems unlikely, he added, “The situation hasn’t changed. Attempts to reach Alex have been unreciprocated. I’ve stopped trying, adopting a ‘call me if you wish to talk’ stance. A reunion is off the table, especially now. Wolfgang is thriving in his career, and he’d have been a fitting addition, but that’s not happening.”

Sammy then criticized Roth for his disinterest and lack of cooperation in making a reunion happen, saying, “Both Roth and I are here, but he’s not willing to work with me. A solo venture by either of us wouldn’t truly be a Van Halen reunion, just a partial one. Luckily, I can cover his tracks well enough on my own.”

Despite the setbacks, Hagar expressed a desire to collaborate with Alex, highlighting his strong bond with Mike and their openness to include Alex, “Mike and I are tight, and we’d welcome Al to join us. I’ve recently mentioned wanting to create music with Al, to write a song, or just jam in the studio. However, envisioning a Van Halen reunion without Eddie is unthinkable.”

Reflecting on past communications, Sammy lamented the silence from Alex since Eddie Van Halen’s death, underscoring the drummer’s continued indifference.

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