Sebastian Bach Doesn’t Need Skid Row To Surpass Mötley Crüe Or Pearl Jam

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Sebastian Bach’s latest track, ‘(Hold On) To The Dream,’ made waves on the charts, surpassing Mötley Crüe’s ‘Dogs of War’ and Pearl Jam’s ‘Wreckage.’ Sharing Heavy 1 Radio’s Top 20 singles list, Bach expressed his elation:

“I HAVE NO WORDS. This is the first time I have been Number One on ANY chart since the year 1991. To be #1 on a chart with Mötley Crüe, Judas Priest, Pearl Jam, Bon Jovi, Linkin Park, Slash, Black Crowes & more? I mean what can I even say? I honestly did not know this was still possible. But here you go. Eddie Trunk, how is about this dude!!!! Salut mes amis mon frere at Heavy One Radio France! Cannot explain how overjoyed I am at seeing this chart. You have impeccable taste!”

Eddie Trunk, whose endorsement meant a lot to Bach, had previously lauded the song, dubbing it “KILLER stuff.” In response, Bach expressed gratitude, acknowledging Trunk’s support.

However, not all feedback was positive. Some fans criticized Bach’s new single, prompting the musician to defend his work passionately. When one user suggested Bach’s voice didn’t sound as good as before, Bach fired back, dismissing the critique as baseless.

Despite any detractors, Bach stands by his new release, asserting its success with confidence: “1 million views is a hit song. I’m sorry to inform you.”

As anticipation builds for his first album in a decade, titled ‘Child Within the Man,’ Bach gears up for a North American tour starting on May 10 in Jefferson, Louisiana. With guest appearances from esteemed guitarists like John 5, Steve Stevens, and Orianthi, Bach is poised to captivate audiences anew with his electrifying performances.

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