Sebastian Bach Finally Shares Sad Reason He Unfollowed Lzzy Hale

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Sebastian Bach opened up about his decision to unfollow Lzzy Hale on Instagram in a candid and heartfelt statement.

During a recent conversation with Screamer Magazine, the interviewer broached the topic of Bach’s social media activity, particularly his choice to cease following Hale after news surfaced that she would be stepping in as Skid Row’s vocalist for upcoming performances. Bach’s response was laden with emotion, revealing the depth of his feelings:

“After witnessing nine replacements step into my shoes, perhaps the prospect of a tenth was simply too much to bear. Do people consider how that might affect me? I poured the best years of my life into building the Skid Row brand, only to see it passed around like a commodity. Maybe I just didn’t want to be reminded of it anymore. Let them revel in what were the peak years of my career; meanwhile, I’m focused on creating rock ‘n’ roll that stands tall against anything I’ve ever produced. That’s where my energy lies.”

It’s evident that Bach’s decision to unfollow Hale stemmed from a place of deep-seated emotion, reflecting the complex dynamics surrounding his tenure with Skid Row.

In a recent development, Skid Row announced the departure of Erik Grönwall from the band due to health concerns. In a joint statement, they revealed that Lzzy Hale would be stepping in as vocalist for the upcoming shows.

Grönwall later addressed his exit in a poignant Facebook post, citing his health as the primary reason for his departure and emphasizing the importance of prioritizing his well-being and recovery.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Terrie Carr of the Morristown, Hale hinted at the possibility of extending her tenure with Skid Row beyond the initial four shows. This revelation comes in the wake of Bach expressing his desire to reunite with the band, believing it to be a debt owed to their loyal fanbase. The intertwining narratives of past members, current developments, and future aspirations add layers of complexity to the ongoing saga of Skid Row’s evolution.

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