Slash Shares Sad Announcement About Velvet Revolver

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In a recent conversation with Ola Englund, Slash delved into his experiences within Velvet Revolver, particularly after Scott Weiland’s departure in 2008. Reflecting on the band’s dynamics during that period, he acknowledged the notion of continuing with a new vocalist, but ultimately, the chemistry felt irreplaceable:

“After Scott’s departure, there was some contemplation about carrying on with a new singer. Matt and Duff explored various options, and we even penned a few tracks. Yet, for me, the essence of Velvet Revolver faded with Scott’s absence.”

He elaborated, shedding light on the challenges the band faced:

“The journey with Velvet Revolver was arduous, especially with Scott’s tumultuous presence. Finding someone to step into his shoes seemed improbable to me. I did engage in the process briefly, but it didn’t materialize into anything significant. Hence, I moved forward, relinquishing any desire to resurrect it.”

Although Velvet Revolver regrouped for sporadic performances in 2010 and 2012, Slash’s sentiments remained steadfastly anchored in the present. Reflecting on the 2012 benefit gig in a conversation with Classic Rock, he recalled a pivotal juncture:

“During that period, uncertainty loomed large. The prospect of Velvet Revolver reuniting seemed remote. Interestingly, when the band initially took shape, I was deeply engrossed in my solo endeavors, collaborating with Steve Gorman on drums. That phase birthed ‘Fall to Pieces’.”

Transitioning back to solo pursuits became a natural progression:

“Returning to my solo ventures felt like retracing familiar territory, where ambiguity thrived. It was during this period that I embarked on my eponymous solo debut in 2010. Serendipitously, it led me to encounter Myles Kennedy, marking the inception of an enduring partnership spanning eight years.”

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