Slipknot’s Secret Live Show For Elon Musk And Wealthy People Exposed By Kelly Osbourne

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In a recent episode of the Osbournes, Kelly Osbourne shared that Elon Musk attended Slipknot’s exclusive concert at Pappy + Harriet’s in Pioneertown, California.

Kelly recounted taking her son, Sidney, to the event:

“I took baby Sidney to his first rock show last weekend.”

Jack Osbourne inquired:

“Oh yeah. Where’d you go?”

Kelly responded:

“Sid went to a secret Slipknot show in Joshua Tree at Pappy + Harriet’s. It was an intimate gathering of only 300 people, and it was incredible. It was his first concert, and it was really cool because Elon Musk was there too. Very surreal. Sidney fell asleep within the first 5-10 minutes of his dad being on stage.”

The Slipknot show took place on April 25, just before their performance at the Sick New World festival. This concert marked the debut of their new drummer, Eloy Casagrande. Following the event, Kelly posted a clip of Slipknot’s performance on Instagram, captioning it:

“Baby Sidney’s first concert was Slipknot!!! Raising my son the way I was raised is so important to me. I grew up surrounded by love, music, and life on the road. Giving my son the same experience means more to me than words can express. Rock music is in his blood! I still can’t believe he slept through most of it!!!”

Slipknot announced this secret show on the website, which also listed their upcoming tour dates and details about the ‘Slipknot’ album. Prior to the concert, the band had placed a mysterious billboard in Indio, California, featuring their logo and the phrases ‘ONE NIGHT ONLY’ and ‘LONG MAY YOU DIE.’

Slipknot is set to perform at the Sonic Temple Festival on May 19. After a brief break, they will resume their North American tour in August, with shows scheduled through December.

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