Ted Nugent Says He Has Been ”Kicked Off” Facebook

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Ted Nugent, the conservative rock musician, has been banned from Facebook, a platform he claims has silenced him due to his outspoken views. In a video shared with his Instagram audience, Nugent expressed frustration, likening his ban to actions he associates with oppressive regimes, while affirming his commitment to speaking out. He suggested continuing his online presence on Instagram and another platform, X.

Nugent, known for his support of Donald Trump and his controversial opinions on topics such as the 2020 election and COVID-19, criticizes Big Tech for what he sees as censorship. He argues that such actions violate First Amendment rights, stressing that freedom of speech should protect even the most unpopular opinions.

He also highlighted his dramatic drop in Facebook reach, from millions to virtually none, attributing this decline to tech companies’ bias against his viewpoints. Nugent’s comments reflect ongoing debates over free speech, the role of social media in public discourse, and the responsibility of tech companies in moderating content.

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