Vince Neil: ‘I Had No Idea Who John 5 Was Before Mötley Crüe’

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Mötley Crüe recently graced the airwaves of the ‘Busted Open Podcast’ to delve into their latest musical endeavor, ‘Dogs of War,’ and the imminent release of their forthcoming album. Within this candid conversation, Vince Neil shed light on the band’s dynamic and shared his reflections on the addition of John 5 to their roster. Neil expressed:

“Our bond is unbreakable. Sure, like any family, we have our tiffs and moments of disagreement, but ultimately, these are the guys I cherish. I’ve shared more history with them than anyone else in my life, save for my sister.”

Expounding on the subject, Neil revealed:

“John came into the picture fairly recently. When the idea of him joining was floated, I admit, I was unfamiliar. But upon delving into his artistry, I was floored. He seamlessly integrated into our brotherhood.”

John 5 stepped into Mötley Crüe’s lineup following Mick Mars’ retirement from touring in 2022 due to health reasons. His presence in the studio during early 2023 saw him not only contributing to ‘Dogs of War’ but also collaborating on ‘The Dirt’ soundtrack back in 2019 and gracing numerous live performances with the band.

Reflecting on their collaboration, Tommy Lee shared his impressions of working alongside John 5 in a recent dialogue with Spin:

“You throw any genre at him, and he’ll master it. A conventional rock guitarist might falter, but not him. He’s a virtuoso from another realm.”

Lee continued:

“Talent alone isn’t enough if you’re insufferable. But John? He’s a gem of a human being. We’re living the dream, jamming together, reveling in each other’s company. It’s a trip.”

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