Vince Neil Says ‘The Dirt’ Movie Success Forced Motley Crue To Come Out Of Retirement

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Vince Neil expressed enthusiasm for MÖTLEY CRÜE’s decision to come back from retirement for a major U.S. stadium tour. Fans who attended the band’s supposed final tour in 2014/2015 were surprised by this return, especially after the band had made a formal pact to stop touring.

In a recent interview with SiriusXM’s “Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk”, Neil shared his excitement about performing again, especially after a hiatus of several years. He found the idea of a stadium tour with DEF LEPPARD and POISON quite enticing, enjoying the larger audience reach and the fun that came with it.

The band’s resurgence was partly attributed to the Netflix biopic “The Dirt”, which rekindled interest among a new generation of fans. Neil noticed a diverse age range among the concertgoers, from young children to older adults, all enjoying the band’s performances.

Tommy Lee, the band’s drummer, reflected on their initial decision to retire, which followed their last concert in 2016. Despite thinking it was the final goodbye, the band members went their separate ways for a while. The idea of a stadium tour presented by Live Nation, coupled with the success of “The Dirt”, prompted the band to reconsider their retirement. Lee highlighted the film’s role in attracting a new wave of younger fans, fascinated by the band’s heydays in the ’80s.

Nikki Sixx, the band’s bassist, also shared his thoughts on the reunion. The band had not planned to reunite after “The Final Tour”, but the making of “The Dirt” brought them closer. The success of the film, the new music they created, and the overwhelming response from fans worldwide led them to consider a comeback. Although initially hesitant, the idea of headlining a stadium tour, especially alongside DEF LEPPARD, was compelling.

The “Stadium Tour” faced delays due to the coronavirus crisis but was eventually set for 2022. During this period, the band’s dynamics changed, with Nikki Sixx revealing that the tour’s opportunity and the band’s mutual passion for music were the main reasons behind their decision to cancel retirement.

In the subsequent period, MÖTLEY CRÜE recorded new songs with Bob Rock and even performed a cover of the BEASTIE BOYS’ hit at a secret club show. The band continued to evolve, with John 5 replacing Mick Mars as the guitarist due to Mars’ health issues. Despite stepping down from touring, Mars intended to remain a part of the band, which led to legal disputes over his stake in the band’s corporation and business holdings.

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