Why do the Sith have Yellow Eyes in Star Wars?

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The Star Wars saga is really huge but the main storyline always focuses on a single thing; the war between the Jedi and the Sith. Both of these characters have different lightsabers and appearances. From their dark clothing and red lightsaber, the Sith can be easily distinguished.

Especially, you can also see the level of Evil in Sith with their Eyes, unlike the Jedi.

After embracing the Dark Side, we can witness the Siths slowly manifesting a Yello Eye, as we did with Anakin Skywalker. It’s not because of the dark side, but it denotes how much darkness they have embraced.

What role does the Sith play in Star Wars?

One thing that makes Star Wars truly exceptional is how they portray their characters as Jedi and Sith. The Sith are the force of Darkness, whereas the Jedi are the force of Light. They have consistently been others’ competitors.

The Sith, who are renowned for their evil and destructive deeds, are guarded by the Jedi, who serve as the galaxy’s defenders. The Sith is evil and works for the Dark Force. After devoting their entire lives to the Dark Force, they acquire unimaginable powers. They receive limitless abilities, but there is a condition.

After devoting their whole life to the Dark Force, they lost their own existence. Meaning, they can no longer feel any emotions and will be under the complete command of the Dark Force. They will follow every instruction that Dark Lord will present to them and adopt an evil persona, like their leader.

Once a member devotes his entire life to the Dark Lord, their Lightsaber will turn red, but there’s also one noticeable thing that will indicate them as the Sith; their eyes. Their eyes will turn yellow, just like Palpatine.

Why Does Sith Have Yellow Eyes? 

Sith Lord Palpatine and Anakain Skywlakers are some renowned characters who possess the Yellow Eyes. If you’re thinking that it’s just a change of color, then you are completely wrong; the colors have a deeper meaning than we have expected.

A character’s eye color begins to transform when they express their deepest thoughts and give their whole self to the Drak Force. The colors of their eyes also reveal their level of corruption and their absorption of Dark energy.

They gain limitless strength when they give their entire lives to the Dark Force, and in exchange, the Dark Force fully embraces possession of them and transforms their entire appearance.

Yep, you guessed it right, to devote their whole life means sacrificing them to the Dark Force. They lost their will to control themselves and when you see a Sith possessing yellow eyes, it describes the loss of their emotions, the loss of themselves.

Alongside Palpatine and Anakin Skywalker, we also have Maul who possesses such yellow eyes. He was the apprentice of Sith Lord, he died as a Sith while battling with Obi-Wan Kenobi, and even after his death, his eyes remained the same; Yellow.

But when we take a look at Savage Opress, he had a different situation. He initially possessed the Yello eyes after being a member of the Dark Side. We could see his yellow eyes whenever he used to be in a rage, but after the magic was outcasted; he became normal, and so did his eyes.

We do know that when a Sith’s color turns yellow it indicated the level of their corruption, but looking there were moments in the franchise when the Dark Lord himself had normal eyes. How did he manage to get rid of his initial eye color?

How Did Palpatine Hide His Sith Eyes? 


Although Palpatine was the Sith Lord, he managed to hide his Yellow Eyes and corrupted the system of Jedi within the inside. When he revealed himself as the Sith Lord, we were so bamboozled because no one expected that.

Well, in the end, Palpatine himself explained how he was able to fool the entire Jedi. It was difficult to trick the entire Jedi, especially when he had those wicked Yellow eyes. So, he put on his Chancellor mask to conceal them. The mask gave him a normal appearance while obscuring his yellow eyes.

He managed to mislead the entire galaxy; even the Siths were unaware that Palpatine and Chancellor were the same people. Palpatine managed to become a force of Light and a Force of Dark; which is one of the coolest and most badass scenes of the franchise.

Darth Sidious was hungry for more power, and his lust for power was the main reason why he chose to become a member of the Jedi. The existence of the Chancellor would’ve remained mysterious and no one would’ve been able to figure out his true self if he hadn’t revealed his true identity.

He had no intention of revealing himself as Darth Sidious in the first place. He was forced to take that step to defeat Mace Windu. Winde was really a powerhouse member of the Jedi and it would’ve cost every drop of power for Sidious to defeat him.

The more you give in to the Dark forces, the more corrupted and powerful you become. He needed to embrace the Dark Force in order to obtain the enormous power necessary and the mask of Chancellor was standing as a barrier to getting access to his full powers.

While wearing his mask, he was unable to interact with the Drak Force in-depth. He had to expose his true identity and those brilliant yellow eyes in order to get more power. He had to embrace the Dark Force in order to interact with it, and as soon as he did so, his eyes became yellow and he was showered with power.

Does Darth Vader Have Sith Yellow Eyes? 

darth vader helmet

Vader has stated multiple times that he has truly embraced the Dark Force but deep inside we still believe that somewhat of Anakin Skywalker still remains within him. And his yellow eyes are proof of that.

Darth Vader doesn’t possess the Sith Yello Eyes but There were two instances in the franchise where we could see Darth Vader’s yellow eyes. In Twilight of the Apprentice, his helmet briefly came off, revealing his yellow eyes for a split second.

The second moment was during the Star Wars: Purge. These were the two moments when Anakin showed his level of corruption for a while but during Star Wars: Purge we could witness his eyes slowly diverting into yellow.

Anakin Skywalker finally turned into Darth Vader and his eyes transformed Yellow. The main reason behind this change was that he wanted to save Padme from her fate.

Palpatine gave him false hope and told him that he could save Padme through the Dark Side. Nothing could have stopped him from embracing the Dark Side after hearing that statement.

That’s how Anakin’s journey to Vader finally began. He began to slowly become corrupted and absorbed by the Dark Force. He even massacred his fellow Jedi Members and that’s the point when his eyes started to transform.

Darth Sidious was the one who pushed Darth Vader to further his corruption and criminal activity. His eyes began yellowing primarily because of the hate and rage that he was feeling. While fighting Obi-Wan Kenobi, his eyes went yellow from being so overcome with hatred and anger.

His eyes grew yellow the more brutality he displayed and the more violent he became. This demonstrates that he had attained the degree of corruption required to change the color of a person’s eyes. All because of Palpatine!

Are Yoda’s Eyes Yellow? 

Yoda is known for being the wisest member of the Jedi. He’s the Grand Jedi Master, is it possible for a character like Yoda to possess yellow eyes? You’ll find the truth very interesting.

Yoda initially has amber eyes, Meaning; his eyes color are a mixture of green and yellow. We know that Yoda has a green lightsaber; it literally indicates that he is one of the wise and experienced warriors.

He never relies on weapons and keeps focused on himself. That’s why even the Dark Side seems to be weak in front of Yoda. But don’t you make Yoda angry because once he gets mad he’ll create his own Dark Side. Let’s take a look at the moment when Yoda was filled with rage.

Yoda was mad and furious as he battled Darth Sidious in combat. He wasn’t yet possessed by the Dark Side, and his eyes weren’t yellow either, but this does not imply that he has a personal Dark Side. Even though he has a dark side, he maintains it under control.

In episode 12 of Season 6 of “The Clone Wars,” the priestesses tested Yoda and discovered the Dark Side when he was engaged in combat with Darth Sidious. He had the Dark Side, but he was in control of it. His eyes never went yellow since his Dark Side was not strong enough.

This proves that Yoda possesses the Dark Side as well and showed a glimpse of it during his combat with Darth Sidious. He fought back against the Dark Force and maintained his strength. He quickly backed off after realizing it was wrong to let his hatred and anger control him.

This explains that Yoda also has his own Dark Side and if he gets mad enough, the results will affect him.

He avoided being consumed by Dark Force because he was able to maintain his temper. Yoda was successful in overcoming the force, but he also had to admit defeat to none other than Palpatine. Palpatine could have been defeated if we had used his Dark Side power, but he decided against it and resisted the urge.

Why Count Dooku Doesn’t Have Yellow Eyes?

Interestingly, one must not forget the unique case of Darth Tyranus, commonly known as Count Dooku, as he poses a fascinating exception to the typical yellow Sith eyes phenomenon.

Dooku, who had served as Darth Sidious’ apprentice for almost ten years, showed remarkable prowess in the dark side of the Force, making him a formidable opponent.

He had triumphed over Obi-Wan and Anakin and even put up an impressive fight against the venerable Yoda. Looking at his achievements as a member of the Dark Force, it’s not ordinary for him to have the Yellow Eyes, right? Well, you are wrong.

Looking through straight point, Dooku’s eyes should’ve turned Yellow but they never did, and let us tell you, the reason is quite marvelous.

The main reason why Count Dooky never had Yellow eyes is that he never had the motivations of evil and was never consumed by the Dark Emotions as they did with Anakin.

Unlike the other Sith members, Dooku despised the Jedi Order because he believed they had lost their path.

He only despised them because of the rising corruption within the Republic’s Senate. He didn’t have any personal hatred or dark emotions towards the Jedi, he only despised them because of the Jedi’s philosophical and political goals.

In fact, if we take a deep look at his character, Dooku thought he was benefiting the galaxy by obliterating the Republic and setting up the Confederacy of Independent Systems in its stead.

Nevertheless, Dooku’s eyes remained original and never turned yellow because he was not fueled by anger.

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