Zakk Wylde Believes Dimebag Send Him Signs To Reunite Pantera

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In a recent chat with ‘On The Record,’ Zakk Wylde opened up about the mystical nudges he felt from Dimebag Darrell, encouraging the Pantera reunion as they prepared for their new tour. Wylde shared anecdotes of encountering peculiar signs, from repeatedly seeing the number 333 to stumbling upon a Dimebag-themed license plate in the most unexpected places.

“It felt like Dime was guiding us, nudging us forward. Everywhere I turned, there he was, in one way or another,” Wylde recounted.

After nearly twenty years of silence, Pantera made a grand comeback in 2022, with original members Rex Brown and Phil Anselmo reuniting on stage. They were joined by Zakk Wylde and Charlie Benante, stepping in on guitar and drums, respectively, to fill the void left by Darrell and his brother, Vinnie Paul.

Wylde continued to share instances where Dimebag’s presence was unmistakably felt, mentioning a particular moment in New York. “There were signs everywhere. My wife, Barbaranne, showed me something that immediately made us think of Dime. Even our phone would flash 333 at just the right moment,” he said.

Dimebag Darrell’s tragic death in 2004 during a live performance left an indelible mark on the music world. Wylde, with a touch of humor, imagined Dime orchestrating these signs from beyond, jesting, “It’s like he’s out there, laughing, making sure we catch these little messages he’s sending our way.”

Honoring a Legend and Looking Ahead

Last year, on what would have been Dimebag Darrell’s 57th birthday, Pantera held a special tribute in Austin, Texas, his hometown. The event saw Dime’s longtime partner, Rita Haney, join the band, adding an emotional depth to the celebration.

As Pantera gears up for their 2024 tour, set to kick off at the Historic Crew Stadium in Columbus, Ohio, on May 18, the spirit of Dimebag Darrell seems to loom large, inspiring and pushing the band toward a new chapter in their storied journey.

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