Ace Frehley Makes Another Bold Gesture To Reconcile With KISS

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Ace Frehley, the iconic former guitarist for KISS, recently reached out to extend an olive branch to his erstwhile bandmates Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, and Peter Criss through a heartfelt video on Instagram.

Celebrating the monumental 50th anniversary of KISS on February 8, Frehley seized the moment to acknowledge the milestone with warmth and nostalgia, sharing:

“50 Years of KISS! February 8. Congratulations to Paul, Gene, and Peter. What a ride!”

In his video message, Frehley shared his thoughts:

“I just thought of something and I wanna take this moment. Look it’s February 8. The Library of Congress said It’s KISS’s 50th anniversary. And I wanna congratulate Paul, Gene, and Peter. Hi guys, congratulations.”

This conciliatory move by Frehley follows a history of well-documented tensions and disagreements with his former bandmates. A particularly contentious moment arose from Stanley’s suggestion that any onstage reunion including Ace and Criss would warrant a rebranding of the band to ‘Piss.’

In a candid conversation with Classic Rock, Frehley voiced his displeasure regarding Stanley’s comment. Despite the friction, Frehley likened their relationship to that of siblings, stating:

“I consider myself friends [with Simmons and Stanley]. We’re just like brothers. Brothers have arguments, brothers have misunderstandings, they curse each other out, and then they make up.”

In a gesture of goodwill, Frehley also posted a video wishing Stanley a happy belated birthday, signaling a desire to mend fences. He conveyed his well-wishes with genuine affection:

“Hey, Ace Frehley here. I’d like to wish Paul Stanley a belated happy birthday. Paul, good luck with all your projects and endeavors in 2024. Keep on rockin’, and God bless.”

Frehley’s recent actions, coupled with reflective comments on his tenure with KISS, suggest a longing for acknowledgment and respect for his contributions to the band’s success. Despite feeling that his role was occasionally minimized, these overtures towards reconciliation highlight Frehley’s enduring connection to KISS and its legacy.

You can watch his video here.

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