Al Jourgensen Once Confronted Steven Spielberg For Ruining Kubrick’s Adult Movie

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In a candid interview with Metal Hammer,

Al Jourgensen of Ministry revealed an amusing anecdote about his encounter with renowned filmmaker Steven Spielberg, stemming from their involvement in the movie ‘A.I. Artificial Intelligence.

Jourgensen recounted how the film initially took a stark departure from its original script, which had been entrusted to him by none other than Stanley Kubrick himself:

“Well, Steven Spielberg acquired the rights, so he inherited me. The original script I received from Kubrick revolved around male prostitutes and a gritty urban landscape reminiscent of Blade Runner. Spielberg steps in, and suddenly, the focus shifts to this kid and his teddy bear. So, we’re on set for three days, and they arrange for us to meet him. When he gets to me, I couldn’t resist: ‘Steve, baby, this is nonsense. Stanley assured me this was going to be an adult film, with ‘A.I.’ standing for Anal Intruder!’ And let’s just say, he wasn’t thrilled.”

The transition from Kubrick’s vision to Spielberg’s directorial style marked a significant shift in tone, prompting Jourgensen’s playful jest during their encounter.

Reflecting on the genesis of their involvement with ‘A.I. Artificial Intelligence,’ Jourgensen recalled his initial disbelief when Ministry was approached by Kubrick. The unexpected fusion of mainstream Hollywood and avant-garde experimentation seemed surreal to him at first. However, it soon became evident that Kubrick was a genuine fan of the band, even though Spielberg’s perception of them differed significantly:

“Kubrick’s interest in us was unexpected. When we were first approached about ‘A.I.,’ I thought it was a prank. The idea of our music intersecting with mainstream cinema seemed far-fetched. But Kubrick was a fan, and he sent us an early version of the script. Unfortunately, his untimely passing left Spielberg to carry on his vision. Spielberg’s initial impression of us was less flattering; he viewed us as ‘satanic goat herders.’ It was an unlikely pairing, but it ultimately led to an unexpected camaraderie.”

Despite the initial misgivings and comedic exchanges, Jourgensen and Spielberg’s interactions laid the foundation for an unlikely yet enduring friendship, forged amidst the unconventional backdrop of Hollywood filmmaking.

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