Andy Biersack: ‘Ronnie Radke Is The David Lee Roth Of Our Era’

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Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack recently chatted with Jesea Lee and delved into his long-standing friendship with Falling In Reverse’s Ronnie Radke. Biersack compared Radke’s charisma and success to that of Van Halen’s iconic David Lee Roth, saying:

“I’ve known Ronnie for years, and we’ve always had a good relationship. He’s incredibly successful, and rightfully so. I’ve often thought of him as a David Lee Roth of our era, whether he likes the comparison or not.”

Biersack elaborated on the similarities between Radke and Roth:

“Ronnie is extraordinarily entertaining. He says things to grab attention, mess with people, and he’s very funny and charismatic. It’s like watching David Lee Roth in an interview where people are often shocked by what he says. That’s how Ronnie often is.”

Biersack Thinks Radke Is a Successful Musician

Biersack’s admiration for Radke extends beyond his personality to his musical success. In another interview with Nik Nocturnal, Biersack discussed Radke’s achievements in the rock and metal scene:

“We exist in a unique space where some of the bigger bands have managed to sustain and grow their careers without mainstream fame. Take Ronnie, for example. He’s incredibly successful in terms of drawing crowds and everything else. Yet, he’s never been on the VMAs or anything like that.”

Through these comments, Biersack highlighted Radke’s ability to thrive and build a substantial fanbase outside the mainstream spotlight, akin to Roth’s larger-than-life presence and impact.

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