Ronnie Radke Will Drop A New Bombshell About Falling In Reverse

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Amidst speculation fueled by Ronnie Radke and other Falling In Reverse members deactivating their social media accounts, whispers in the industry hint at the possibility of a new album brewing. Rock Feed, a YouTube channel known for its insider insights, dropped a bombshell in their latest video:

“Whenever Ronnie goes off the grid on socials, it’s usually a sign that something big’s in the works. So, I started digging around, and what I found is pretty exciting. I can exclusively reveal that Falling In Reverse is cooking up their first album in six years.”

But that’s not all. The host teased an imminent tour announcement to accompany the alleged album release:

“And here’s the kicker: Falling In Reverse is gearing up to unveil a major tour soon, set to be one of the biggest rock tours of the year. Trust me, the lineup is insane.”

According to Rock Feed, this upcoming project is poised to surpass their previous ventures, including ‘The Popular Monstour’ and their joint stint with Disturbed, which even featured a memorable collaboration with Corey Taylor.

“I mean, ‘The Popular Monstour’ was a smash hit, no doubt. But we’re on the brink of a new era for Falling In Reverse. The buzz surrounding this band is electric, and now we’re finally getting that long-awaited album drop.”

While Falling In Reverse has stayed mum on the matter officially, Ronnie Radke’s recent return to social media via TikTok has stirred curiosity. Perhaps his forthcoming posts will shed more light on the anticipated album and tour.

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