Bob Daisley Opens Up About Trust Issues With Ozzy Osbourne

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Bob Daisley recently engaged with Artists On Record, sharing insights on his relationship with Ozzy Osbourne and reflecting on pivotal moments during their collaboration.

Recalling his tenure with the Black Sabbath icon, Daisley delved into his sentiments upon rejoining the fold after his initial departure from the band:

“The initial return felt like rejoining the band I helped mold, albeit with a sense of unease. Working alongside Ozzy was always a pleasure, but the dynamics had shifted. Randy had departed, and Lee’s presence was absent due to our shared stance in his defense. It wasn’t blind loyalty but a matter of principle. Consequently, both Lee and I were ousted.”

Reflecting on the albums crafted during this period, Daisley shed light on the circumstances surrounding the ‘Bark at the Moon’ project and its intended collaboration with Randy Rhoads:

“Following a hiatus, I was approached to rejoin, envisaging a collaborative effort with Randy. Tragically, Randy’s untimely demise in March ’82 halted these plans, leading to a delay in the album’s release until ’83, now featuring Jake E. Lee.”

Delving deeper into his return to Ozzy’s fold, Daisley unveiled the underlying motivations driving his decision:

“My return for ‘Bark at the Moon’ wasn’t fueled by fervor but rather a pragmatic response to the underwhelming reception of my endeavors with Uriah Heep. Despite our efforts with albums like ‘Abominog’ and ‘Head First,’ the traction we anticipated failed to materialize, compelling a reassessment.”

Daisley lamented the missed opportunities with Uriah Heep, citing the reluctance of the record company to capitalize on their potential:

“We handed them a golden opportunity, yet they hesitated to seize it, leaving us adrift.”

In an era marked by transitions and missed chances, Daisley’s reflections offer a candid glimpse into the intricacies of artistic collaboration and the industry’s unpredictable currents.

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