Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson favorite albums of all time

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Bruce Dickson has been a part of the classical tunes and despite just creating some of the best heavy metal albums, he has also hosted BBC Radio shows over the year. One of the shows that he hosted at that moment was “Masters Of Rock” and on the website, we can see Dickson listing  15 albums that everyone should listen to once.

Let’s take a look at the list that Bruce mentioned of his favorite albums and take a look at the choice of his music.

Deep Purple’s “In Rock”

When we take a journey in the past, we can see Dickinson mentioning and sharing his love for Deep Purple.  He has always been open to sharing his love for the band, especially for the frontmen Ian Gillan, and in an interview, back in 2018 with Double J, he mentioned the moment when he ‘accidentally’ heard Purple’s album “In Rock” at school.

“I was walking up and down the corridor at boarding school and I heard this racket coming from behind a door. I thought, ‘Oh my god, what is that?!’ So, I knocked on the door and this senior boy opened the door and looked at me with a big sneer on his face. I asked, ‘Who was that?’. He went, ‘Oh, it’s Deep Purple if you must know, ‘Speed King’’ and shut the door. 

“That was that, I was hooked. We used to have little auctions in the boarding house. People would be short of money and wouldn’t have enough money to have enough to pay their bill at the school shop. So they’d auction their stuff off. LPs got auctioned quite regularly.”

“The second LP that I got was Deep Purple In Rock. Scratched to bits. So I paid 50 cents Australian for it. I loved it and played it absolutely to death. I think I might have blown up my parents’ stereogram with it.” 

Dickinson has been in the spotlight and has sung the songs of Deep Purple with some members of the band. In Hungary back in 2021, he was seen alongside Roger Glover, bassist of purple during the Jon Lord tribute.

Jimi Hendrix “Jimi Hendrix Experience”

When Jimi Hendrix released his classic album “Jimi Hendrix Experience” back in 1967, he changed the whole algorithm of the Rock and Roll guitar. Bruce has explained that Jimi has also played a vital role in his life. He has explained that the story of Hendrix has heavily inspired Heavy Metal.

“I read a book about Jimi Hendrix when I was learning to fly. I discovered that early in his career, people in America used to travel in old DC-3, something a little faster than walking. But not so reliable. Then the Hendrix manager said: Hey! Why don’t we just get a couple of guitars, some drumsticks and suddenly you can be in San Francisco one day and the next day in New York?” 

He adds; “This will only cost us something like $ 500! Wow!! Okay, but of course someone asked: how will we do with the amplifiers and PA? Then the manager said: you can just rent them is simple! I read this and was inspired because I am basically a big child of 60 years old. So I thought that, quite romantic, I could also fly around with a band and do shows. Because I would fly the plane and I could do this by singing!”

“But of course it would not be that easy, because it never happens that way. The accountants said that we could not do that, that we didn’t have the money to go to South America, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa. I then came up with this crazy idea because I was working as a pilot in an airline. I knew that in the winter of Europe the rental of airplanes was much cheaper. Why not have our own Magic Carpet?”

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