Dee Snider revealed that Twisted Sister is facing tempting offers for a reunion, making it increasingly difficult to resist. The surviving members have engaged in preliminary discussions on potential comeback shows and the logistics involved.

In a recent interview with The Hook Rocks, Snider attributed the surge in demand for reunions to the retirements and deaths of many iconic bands. While Twisted Sister had initially no plans to return after eight years of hiatus, Snider acknowledged the growing allure of the offers they’re receiving. He humorously quoted his father’s advice about considering opportunities beyond mere intentions.

While the band hasn’t committed to a reunion yet, Snider admitted they’re approaching a tipping point where serious consideration is warranted. They’ve started brainstorming about the logistics and preparations needed if they do decide to accept an offer.

Snider mentioned a shift in the band’s stance, from outright refusal to entertaining the possibility. Light-heartedly, he hinted at discussions involving personal trainers, diets, and hair extensions—a far cry from their previous mindset of staying retired.

Reflecting on their past reunion, Snider emphasized the bonds of friendship among the band members. Reuniting previously not only reignited their musical journey but also strengthened their personal relationships—a significant factor in considering another reunion.

During a chat with Brazil’s Rádio Kiss FM, Dave Mustaine opened up about the possibility of Kiko Loureiro returning to Megadeth in the future. When asked about the likelihood of Kiko joining the band on stage for a song at an upcoming concert, Mustaine expressed his openness to the idea, acknowledging that Kiko had left Megadeth to prioritize his family.

Mustaine emphasized his respect for Kiko’s decision to step away from the band for personal reasons and highlighted the importance of family commitments. While Mustaine indicated that he would be open to Kiko’s return if the timing aligned in the future, he also recognized the complexities involved in such a decision.

Reflecting on Kiko’s departure in 2023, Mustaine revealed that Teemu Mäntysaari from Wintersun would be filling in for Kiko during the band’s upcoming shows. Despite feeling disappointed about Kiko’s exit, Mustaine praised Kiko’s professionalism and assistance in finding a suitable replacement. Mustaine expressed confidence in Mäntysaari’s abilities and appreciated Kiko’s contributions to the transition process.

During a conversation with NME, Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson came to the defense of Metallica’s Lars Ulrich, addressing the impact of leaked music on artists. Manson highlighted the financial ramifications and the challenges musicians face when their work is distributed without compensation. She criticized the portrayal of Ulrich as a “greedy capitalist,” noting her own experience with backlash for speaking out on similar issues.

Reflecting on the broader music industry landscape, Manson underscored the challenges faced by artists, particularly those who emerged before the digital age. She emphasized the importance of fair compensation for musicians in an era where record labels and streaming platforms profit immensely from their work.

The controversy surrounding Metallica’s stance on music piracy originated when Ulrich testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding Napster’s copyright infringement in 2000. Despite legal victories, Metallica faced criticism and accusations of being out of touch with younger audiences.

Ulrich himself addressed the issue of leaked music, adopting a pragmatic attitude toward the inevitability of leaks in the digital age. Despite anticipating leaks for their albums like ‘Death Magnetic’ and ’72 Seasons,’ Metallica managed to keep their latest release under wraps by maintaining secrecy until the moment of its official release.

In a recent interview with Loudwire, Lzzy Hale of Halestorm opened up about her experience stepping in as the new singer for Skid Row. Surprisingly, she shared that she hadn’t encountered any hate or negative comments, which she considers a rarity in the history of rock. Expressing her excitement, Hale emphasized the supportive atmosphere among the band members during this transition, especially amidst Eric Grönwall’s personal challenges.

Reflecting on the band’s camaraderie, Hale highlighted the mutual care and respect among them, as they navigate this period of change. She revealed her willingness to contribute to the band’s well-being by offering her support and lending her voice to upcoming performances. Despite initial concerns, Hale expressed gratitude for the overwhelmingly positive feedback she received from fans, noting that it has brought smiles to everyone involved.

However, not everyone seemed pleased with Hale’s involvement. When Skid Row announced Hale’s temporary tenure, former frontman Sebastian Bach reportedly unfollowed her on social media and expressed dissatisfaction with the band’s decision. Bach suggested that instead of introducing a new singer, the band should focus on honoring their legacy and giving back to the fans.

In response to speculation about a potential reunion with Skid Row, Bach remained open to the idea, citing his continued connection to the band’s music and the desire to give back to the fans who have supported them throughout the years. Despite the mixed reactions, Hale’s entry into Skid Row marks a significant moment in both her career and the band’s journey, underscoring the power of collaboration and unity in the world of rock music.

Glenn Tipton guitarist Glenn Tipton, diagnosed with Parkinson’s a decade ago (though symptoms started earlier), discussed his role in the band’s latest album, “Invincible Shield,” with Total Guitar magazine. Despite his illness, he’s proud of his contributions and commends fellow guitarist Richie Faulkner for his adaptability. Tipton, determined not to let Parkinson’s defeat him, continues to write and play.

Faulkner also shared insights with Total Guitar, explaining how Tipton’s illness impacted the album. They adjusted, ensuring Tipton wasn’t overburdened. Tipton brought in songs like “Sons Of Thunder,” showcasing his signature style. Although his involvement varied, the band made sure he felt included.

Tipton has made appearances on PRIEST’s recent “Metal Masters” tour, joining for encores. Due to his condition, he stepped back from touring after the “Firepower” album, replaced by producer Andy Sneap.

In a chat with The Aquarian, Faulkner discussed Tipton’s role in “Invincible Shield.” Ideas were exchanged among band members, with Tipton contributing developed concepts like “Sons Of Thunder.” Faulkner emphasized the importance of involving Tipton, reflecting on his influence and their collaborative process.

Tipton, in his first interview post-diagnosis, acknowledged the initial shock but remained determined to keep playing. Realizing the toll touring would take on him, he retired from that aspect to preserve the integrity of Judas Priest.

The band continues, with Tipton’s legacy enduring through their music and the support of his bandmates.

Dave Mustaine recently had a lively chat with Matheus Ulliana from Rádio Kiss FM, where they delved into Brazilian music and MEGADETH’s lineup dynamics.

When asked about Brazilian songs, Mustaine chuckled and admitted, “I only know one Brazilian song, and if I tell you, you might think I’m nuts.” He then playfully hummed a bit of “Mas, Que Nada!” without knowing its title. He shared a humorous anecdote about Kiko Loureiro, MEGADETH’s former guitarist, who was their Brazilian music aficionado. Mustaine confessed that besides Kiko, he didn’t know much about Brazilian artists, although he acknowledged SEPULTURA’s talent.

Transitioning to MEGADETH’s musical journey, Mustaine discussed the recent change in their lineup. Teemu Mäntysaari stepped in as the new guitarist while Kiko took a break to be with his family. Mustaine praised Teemu as a great addition to the band, fitting in seamlessly. However, the conversation shifted to the possibility of Kiko rejoining MEGADETH in the future.

Mustaine expressed understanding and respect for Kiko’s decision to prioritize family, highlighting the importance of family over career. He mentioned that while Kiko’s return isn’t on the immediate horizon, he remains open to the idea if circumstances align. Mustaine’s recent collaboration with former guitarist Marty Friedman at a few shows showcased his openness to different lineup configurations, emphasizing his commitment to maintaining musical excellence within MEGADETH.

In a recent chat with Ultimate Guitar, Zakk Wylde got into the nitty-gritty of why he’s hitting the road with a revamped PANTERA crew.

This new PANTERA gang, featuring Phil Anselmo on vocals, Rex Brown on bass, Zakk Wylde shredding the guitar, and Charlie Benante pounding the drums, is all set to rock big stages across North America, South America, and Europe. They’re not just headlining major festivals but also doing their solo gigs and teaming up with METALLICA for a colossal stadium tour in 2024. It’s a massive deal for die-hard PANTERA fans, marking the first time in over twenty years that the surviving band members are jamming live together.

Zakk opened up about feeling the presence of his late buddy Dimebag Darrell throughout this journey. He mentioned how signs—like seeing the number “333” (Dimebag’s lucky number) on license plates or random encounters with Dime-related stuff—kept popping up during rehearsals and even recently at Madison Square Garden. These little nudges felt like Dime’s way of pushing them forward, almost like he’s saying, “Hey, notice me, guys!”

On “The Metallica Report,” Phil and Rex dove deeper into PANTERA’s comeback. Phil expressed the empowerment and love they feel onstage now compared to their warlike younger days. Singing the songs without the anger is a relief for him, while Rex marveled at Charlie’s spot-on drumming, reminiscent of Vinnie Paul’s style.

They also gave props to Charlie and Zakk for their enthusiasm and unique legacies, acknowledging them as valuable additions to the PANTERA family. Rex even got a bit emotional hearing Charlie nail Vinnie’s drum parts so perfectly, feeling like the foundation was solid.

When asked about carrying Vinnie and Dime’s spirit, Phil believed that the old crew would cheer them on from above, wanting their legacy to thrive.

Billboard reports that the lineup got the nod from Vinnie and Dime’s estates, along with Rex, who initially wasn’t keen on touring with Zakk but evidently had a change of heart.

In a recent dialogue with American Musical Supply, Rex Brown, the bassist of Pantera, delved into the dynamics of touring with the band’s revitalized lineup, which includes fellow original member Philip Anselmo on vocals. Joining them are Zakk Wylde on guitar and Charlie Benante on drums, a lineup endorsed by the estates of the late Abbott brothers, Pantera’s original drummer Vincent “Vinnie Paul” Abbott and guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott.

Rex highlighted the fresh synergy within the group, emphasizing the deep-rooted friendships and meticulous preparation that preceded their reunion. He shared insights into the extensive rehearsals with Charlie Benante, underscoring their commitment to authenticity and respect for Pantera’s legacy.

The conversation also touched on the delicate balance of paying tribute to the band’s historic catalogue while engaging a new generation of fans. Rex articulated a vision where the revival serves not just as a homage but as a conduit for Pantera’s music to resonate with audiences old and new. He underscored the intention behind the reunion: to rekindle the Pantera brand and ensure the music’s enduring relevance and impact.

Rex candidly addressed the emotional weight of performing without the Abbott brothers, reflecting on the blend of nostalgia and novelty that defines the current iteration of Pantera. He rejected the notion of the band being a mere tribute act, framing it as a continuation of a shared musical journey, now shared with Wylde and Benante.

The bassist further discussed the unique connection and tightness that have developed within this new lineup, celebrating the vibrancy and energy they bring to Pantera’s music. He teased the possibility of new creative endeavors, hinting at an openness to explore new music together.

As Pantera embarks on headlining festivals and supporting Metallica on tour in 2024, the discussions around legacy, memory, and innovation remain central to their narrative. Rex expressed a profound appreciation for the opportunity to engage with Pantera’s music in a live setting, inviting fans to experience the band’s evolution firsthand.

This renewed journey underscores a commitment to honoring the past while embracing the possibilities of the future, driven by a shared passion for the music and the enduring spirit of Pantera.


In a recent chat with ‘On The Record,’ Zakk Wylde opened up about the mystical nudges he felt from Dimebag Darrell, encouraging the Pantera reunion as they prepared for their new tour. Wylde shared anecdotes of encountering peculiar signs, from repeatedly seeing the number 333 to stumbling upon a Dimebag-themed license plate in the most unexpected places.

“It felt like Dime was guiding us, nudging us forward. Everywhere I turned, there he was, in one way or another,” Wylde recounted.

After nearly twenty years of silence, Pantera made a grand comeback in 2022, with original members Rex Brown and Phil Anselmo reuniting on stage. They were joined by Zakk Wylde and Charlie Benante, stepping in on guitar and drums, respectively, to fill the void left by Darrell and his brother, Vinnie Paul.

Wylde continued to share instances where Dimebag’s presence was unmistakably felt, mentioning a particular moment in New York. “There were signs everywhere. My wife, Barbaranne, showed me something that immediately made us think of Dime. Even our phone would flash 333 at just the right moment,” he said.

Dimebag Darrell’s tragic death in 2004 during a live performance left an indelible mark on the music world. Wylde, with a touch of humor, imagined Dime orchestrating these signs from beyond, jesting, “It’s like he’s out there, laughing, making sure we catch these little messages he’s sending our way.”

Honoring a Legend and Looking Ahead

Last year, on what would have been Dimebag Darrell’s 57th birthday, Pantera held a special tribute in Austin, Texas, his hometown. The event saw Dime’s longtime partner, Rita Haney, join the band, adding an emotional depth to the celebration.

As Pantera gears up for their 2024 tour, set to kick off at the Historic Crew Stadium in Columbus, Ohio, on May 18, the spirit of Dimebag Darrell seems to loom large, inspiring and pushing the band toward a new chapter in their storied journey.

Tom Morello is gearing up to thrill fans with his solo performances, bringing a slice of Rage Against the Machine’s energy to the stage. This announcement comes in the wake of the band’s drummer, Brad Wilk, declaring their third breakup on social media earlier in January. Despite the split, Morello is eager to continue sharing his music live, detailing his plans for a tour across the UK and Europe on Instagram. He extended an invitation to fans of all his musical ventures, including Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave, Prophets of Rage, Nightwatchman, Atlas Underground, Street Sweeper Social Club, and even the E Street Band, calling on those who cherish guitar music, peace, love, justice, and anti-racist activism to join him.

Morello’s itinerary includes a special solo performance at London’s Electric Ballroom in Camden Town, which has a capacity of 1,500, on June 13. This concert is intended as a primer for his broader UK and European tour, which kicks off with Download 2024 on June 15.

Regarding Rage Against the Machine’s current status, Wilk shared a poignant update, putting to rest any hopes of the band reuniting for future tours or live performances. He expressed his reluctance to keep fans and himself in suspense, acknowledging the discussions about possible reunions but ultimately confirming the band’s decision not to proceed with any touring or live shows.

Adding to the intrigue, a band photo posted on RATM’s Instagram conspicuously lacked Zack de la Rocha, sparking speculation among fans. The image depicted a black silhouette against a red backdrop, accompanied by the song “Wake Up.” Wilk echoed this mysterious post on his account with a cryptic comment that led some fans to wonder about De La Rocha’s absence. He hinted at the singer’s presence in the silhouette, advising fans to look for the microphone and cord, which only fueled further debate and speculation across fan forums and platforms like Reddit, where devotees of the band dissected the imagery and Wilk’s remarks for clues.