Love songs for her? The internet took you over here while you were trying to search for something interesting for your love life. We have listed some of the best love songs for her. 

1. Until I found You

You need to move forward step by step to make your love life exciting and lively with amusing things. And the best you both can do is the vibe in a love song together.

Based on a true story, Until I found is a remarkable song that’ll surely fascinate your lover. The way Sanchez has written this song gives the finest vibe.

In the song, Sanchez has implied the importance of her and how much he wants to treasure her.

Well, it becomes more meaningful and special for her if she will listen to this song by heart. The feeling expressed by the writer in this song is just perfect.

Nothing other than this song will calm and complete her in an instant. This song shows the love and passion of a boy toward his lover. Just listen to this song with her and make her feel special already.

2. What makes you beautiful

A masterpiece song with delicate lyrics, What makes you beautiful is truly an amazing song that will make her smile without a single doubt.

What makes you beautiful lets out the purest feelings of five boys who are in love. This song will surely make her obsessed with it.

This song was off the charts as soon as it was released and it is popular till now among many youngsters who are in love.

This song is perfect to make her realize how pretty she actually is. This song might be actually addicting for your lover as it is an underrated love song.

What makes you beautiful is probably best to keep your beloved her wrapped up in happiness and joy forever.

Just let your lover know adorable she actually is and how happy she makes you with the help of this song.

3. You are the reason

You are the reason written by Calum Scott, is one of the finest songs that will connect the soul of your lover with you. Words don’t even come close to describing the beauty of this song.

The way Calum explains how much she’s needed and how much he far he can go to be only with her. The writer of this song explains how much he misses her and stays awake all night recalling the memories.

Just to be with her, he is ready to climb every mountain, swim every sea, and fix everything. All of these directly exhibit how much he has fallen for her.

The song implies that he can’t help falling in love with her. She is everything that he has and will ever have. The beautiful lyrics with the sweet melody just make this song a gem.

Don’t ever doubt in this song She will be impressed with this song.

4. Thinking Out Loud

Thinking Out Loud sung by Ed Sheeran is remarkably best. It’ll drive you crazy for real. This love song is passionately made and it makes us wonder about our lover as soon as we hear this song.

The lyrics of this song show his devotion and care for her. The writer tries to say that he’s willing to hold hands and look after her till both of them turn 70.

This song holds deep meaning as it explains the desire of the writer to fall in love with her every single day. He just wants to get engulfed in her arms and kiss her beneath the shiny light of millions of stars.

Thinking Out Loud includes the thoughts where a boy wants to spend time with someone with whom he has fallen in love. Make her special by confessing your feeling through this song.

She’ll be truly grateful to listen to this song.

5. All Of Me

Beautifully written and composed, All of me by John Legend is way too awesome. The song is way too wonderful as it is very calm and soothing.

Although several years have already passed since its release, this song is still popular and best for millions of people.

This song states that the writer loves all her perfect imperfections. She is the beginning and end of him and he wants to give all of him to her.

John Legend wrote this song very beautifully to show his love for his then-fiance Chrissy Teigen. In fact, all of me was inspired by her.

The sweet melody and meaningful lyrics are all that have led this song to be a masterpiece for many years.

This song is a must, to listen to by all lovers as it carries very pure feelings of a man to his lover. Don’t miss the opportunity to show your love and affection toward her listen to this beautiful love song and enjoy your peaceful love life with her.

6. Girls like you

While recommending the best love song, especially for her, I wouldn’t miss this song. If you are trying to make her happy.

This song describes a girl who makes her lover happy with anything she does. In the song, the memories of lovers are recalled when they used to spend the late at night and make things right between them.

The melody and vibe that this song gives are totally amusing. This song will cheer her and make her mood good in a flash of time.

Girls like you are one of the best love songs till now since it came out.

This song is definitely something that your girl can listen to on repeat. It will make her feel very special and lucky to have you as the song only describes a vibing partner who could be more like your partner.

Don’t be impatient, there are a lot of love songs that she will love for sure down below.

7. Perfect

Perfect by Ed Sheeran is the greatest hit love song. This song is worldwide popular for its unique melody and unparalleled lyrics.

Perfect is the best song for most girls without a doubt. The key impression of this song is its simplicity. The lyrics of this song will make any girl smile undeniably. In the song, Sheeran implies a girl with whom a boy falls in love since they were kids.

The boy describes how lucky he is to have her as his partner and wishes to dance with her by holding his lover in his arms. He wishes to listen to their favorite song and says that she always looks perfect. The song says that the boy found a girl with whom he could carry all of his secrets, love, and children of their own.

The song perfect is perfect on its own and it could be the best song to listen to together as lovers while slowly dancing in the dark. This song is the best thing that can cheer her up in my opinion. Make a move!!

8. A Thousand Years

Being the greatest hit song, A Thousand Years has earned millions of audiences. Christina Perri demonstrates how much she is into her lover in this song. The lyrics will just melt her heart if you decide to listen to this song with her.

The beautiful mellow, soothing voice and meaningful words are the elements that have made this song truly appreciative. This song motivates one to never give up and love someone for thousands of years i.e. forever.

Believe me, this song is so marvelous that she will fall in love with this song immediately after she listens to it. A Thousand Years lets all the pure feelings and emotions from a person to his/her lover. It’ll show how passionate is someone to be together with others.

Step by step the song is trying to get loved so much as each line of the lyrics is fascinating. A Thousand Years is a love song that explains thousands of feelings and emotions of a lover within a few words. Dedicate this song to her and show how much you are into her.

9. Just the way you are

Sung by Bruno Mars, Just the way you are is a song that is full of compliments for a girl.

Here in this song, the writer explains his lover’s beauty. The song is fascinating and anyone would love it. Bruno talks about a girl and states that her eyes are so glossy that she makes stars look like they’re not even shining.

The passion to love her and her alluring beauty are demonstrated by the writer through the song. It shows how hard a boy has fallen in love with her and wants to be with her.

He compliments everything about her beauty and feels lucky to have her.

This masterpiece written by Bruno Mars is just something else.

The vibe is totally different than any other song. He wants to say that she is perfect and when he sees her face, he wouldn’t change a thing because she’s adorable just the way she is.

This song full of compliments will make her happy in an instant and there’s no questioning to it.

10. My heart will go on

This is one kind of song that one can never forget after listening. Not gonna lie, you will feel goosebumps all over your body.

This song is so marvelous that millions of people still love to listen to this song although many years have already passed since its release.

The singer of this song misses someone she loves and sees him every night in the dream. This song tries to show us how much one should love his partner and protect her in his heart.

The words used by Celine Dion in this song are enough to express her loyalty and care of yours to her. As the song title is “My heart will go on”, the heart of both of the lovers gets connected and will keep beating on the melody of love.

11. Baby Love

While thinking about love songs for your lover, Baby Love came to my mind at that precise moment.

Sung by the Supremes, a Baby love song is a really fascinating song. This song tries to explain how much the singer has fallen in love with that one person and will never give up.

The sweet melody along with gratifying lyrics will melt everyone’s heart like butter.

vocals on this song are very amusing that have succeeded to catch the attention of millions of audiences. This song is a timeless treasure as it brings a smile to its listener in an instant.

In this song, a lover tries to demonstrate how much a lover needs her partner and show her real affection and emotions of her.

This song is dedicated by a lover to her partner. Likewise, you must also dedicate this song to her. I’m sure she’ll love this song so give it a try already.

12. Stuck on You

With the original version of this track, written and sung by Lionel Richie, Stuck on you is an impressive song that has drawn many people to its sweet vibe and calming melody.

As the name of the song states the word”stuck”, thing song will be stuck into your mind from the moment you listen to it. This song is accompanied by sweet lyrics which makes it more fascinating.

This song shows the sheer affection of a lover who is stuck on her. He can’t help but fall in depth of love with her.

Stuck on you implies a girl whom the singer is grateful for being with him and he is glad to have her and wishes to live together till the end.

If you’re going through a bittersweet nightshade situation in your love life, this song will be a great help for you as it will grant understanding and solace for both of you lovers. This will remarkably calm her mind and it is probably one of the best songs for her.

13, At Last

Several decades have already passed since the release of this masterpiece, but his song is still appreciated and loved many many peoples all over the world.

Etta James is the writer of this song who sang it beautifully with her mellow voice. Each and every word in this song gives an ethereal vibe that will resonate with your soul, long after the song ends.

Most love songs are mushy and slow and it is the reason that makes love songs surprisingly captivating, Same goes with this song.

This song is a lovely combination of a catchy beat and lyrics filled with sweetness. This song signifies your endless and enormous love for her and it will certainly make her feel special.

The tidal waves of this melodious song are enough to make her smile in an instant. If your woman makes you feel like a natural, obsessed-natured woman, I’m being honest this song is perfect for her.

14. Your Man

Your Man, written and sung by Josh Turner is an overrated song that will please your ears and heart surely. When it comes to love songs, this song is definitely one of the best. Josh has used slow tracks and beautiful mellow in addition to mesmerizing lyrics.

This is why this song is so adorable. In this song, both lovers get together, cherish, visualize the simple things and love each and every moment joyfully.

The magic of this song can help you foster your relationship into the vast depths of love. This is an iconic song that has been appreciated by tons of people as it is so marvelous that one can listen to it on loops for hours.

This song is the finest to dedicate to her because the song only talks about both lovers who are eager to grasp infinite love.

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15. Better Together

For me, Better Together is one of the most enjoyable and mesmerizing songs ever, especially for lovers.

The soft and slow is what has made this song so great. Jack Johnson writes this song with a female in his mind who he admires a lot.

The arrangement of this song is very addictive. Here, the singer explains about lovers who are eager to get tied to each other and fulfill the dreams that they have long wished for.

This song has beautifully indicated the passion and pure feelings of a man for a woman. He states that he can’t sing but he’ll try to sing for her heart, wants to be under her impression and feel the most comfortable when he’s around her.

So, this song will probably suit her.

16. One Call Away

Sung by the popular singer Charlie Puth, One Call Away will fascinate you with everything it has in a certain time duration of this song.

No one is born perfect in the world but when we start dating and develop feelings for someone we’ll put our best to keep up with the relationship somehow.

But the major problem that hinders everyone’s relationship is distance. It is very hard for one to feel distant from his partner. So, this song is perfectly written by Charlie recalling a  girl whom he misses every single time.

This song shows that a boy is madly fallen in love with a girl and wants to give all the love he has. He wishes to be there every single time she misses him and he just wants to set her free and the life to the fullest along with him.

He feels so special having her that he can come and save her day with just one call from her. Dedicate this song to her and see the brightest smile of your partner.

17. Stay with me

When someone is fallen in love, that person wants to spend every single moment with their partner because being with your loved ones feels safe the most.

We put our best selves but the main point for letting someone live as your partner consists of many up and downs, sharing of problems, letting go, showing your good and bad side, opening up, and many others.

However, it’s up to your partner if he/she ignores and corrects all the bad sides of your lover and never let’s go although the situation becomes very harsh.

So, through this song, Sam has explained how much life gets hard without having someone he truly loves. This song conveys the feeling of a boy who needs her to stay with him and hold his hands forever.

It signifies how much a boy wants to treasure her, overcome all the tough situations with her, and desire her to be with him till the end.

18. You’re beautiful

The most loved song of popular singing artist James Blunt, You’re beautiful is so loved that hundreds of millions of people have listened to this song.

I’ll guarantee that this love song will 100% make a girl smile who loves you. You just need to struggle of dedicating this song to her.

Each and every sentence in this song carries a valuable meaning that is opened up by the singer to his audience. The title of the song is enough to make her smile. What expectations do you have from the song?

It will surpass your expectation with its beauty. Every single line of this song explains her beauty of her and how grateful he is to have her in his life.

He sees the image of a heavenly-sent angel in her who caught his eye. This song demonstrates the fondness of a boy towards her. This song is truly remarkable and appreciated by most of the fans.

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19. Marry Me

Why do you think someone loves a person? It is because they want to share different good and bad experiences, help, care, love, and in the end, marry each other.

Marrying is the start and the end of different chapters for both of the lovers. that causes a young boy and girl to turn into a fine man and woman.

So yeah, this is a song where a boy confesses a feeling to his lover and repeatedly asks his partner to marry her.

A strong and sweet song that grants an ethereal vibe to anyone who listens to it. This song is so soothing that it calms everyone’s soul. This song harbors the devotion and adoration of a boy toward his lover with whom he wants to share everything he has and wants to marry her.

Millions of feelings and affection of a boy are compressed inside every nook and corner of this song for his lover.

Pop is the worldwide most famous and number-one music genre currently. And hundreds of pop songs are uploaded on the internet daily. And certainly, there are millions of pop songs available and if you are a beginner guitar player then you would certainly want to play guitar in some of these famous pop songs.

However, if you are a beginner guitar player then you might find many of the pop songs hard to play so for your convenience we are here to list out the easiest pop songs that even beginners or absolute beginners can play. Furthermore, we will also add the tutorial video for each of the songs so that you can watch and learn to play the guitar on that particular song.

And the good thing is even though these listed songs are somewhat easy to play, your guitar skill will definitely get sharpened and once you learn how to play these songs then you will also have fun playing guitar, especially with your friends around.

1. Bad Guy by Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is an American singer and she is currently one of the most popular pop artists in the world. And she got really popular because of her song “Bad Guy,” this song holds the longest-leading hit in the chart’s history. Furthermore, as famous as this song is, it is also very fun and eato play.

This song is so easy to play because in the whole song only three chords are used. Em, Am, and B7, are the only chords used in the song beginners can also play this song.

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2. Sorry by Justin Bieber

Released back in 2015, Sorry was listed as number one on Billboard’s Hot 100 for three weeks and number one on Canadian Hot 100 for seven weeks. It was really popular and only in 2016, this song sold more than 10 million digitally. Certainly, this was a really proud moment for Beliebers. This is also a very fun song to play on acoustic guitar.

Furthermore, not only fun but this song is also one of the easiest songs you can play on guitar. Only four basic chords are used in this song F, Am, G, and Dm. Even if you are a beginner you don’t need to worry as you can play this song with little practice.

3. Cheap Thrills by Sia

Cheap Thrills is one of the easiest songs you can find to play on guitar. This song is so easy that even absolute beginners can play it. Furthermore, talking about this song was released back in 2016 by Australian singer Sia featuring Sean Paul. Moreover, there are only four chords used in this song, and that too very basic ones.

Em, C, G, and D are the four chords used in this song. It was also a pretty special song for Sia and her fans because it became the first single to get to number one on the US Billboard Hot 100. Watch the tutorial video above and play it with your friends and I’m sure you will have a really good time singing and playing guitar on this song.

4. Marry You by Bruno Mars

Marry you has to be one of the best songs by Bruno Mars in years. It was released back in 2010 in the album Doo-Wops & Hooligans. That album had one the best songs and Marry you was like a gift among gifts. It is one of the most covered songs on Youtube.

The chords used in this song are very simple and many beginners can focus on this song to improve their singing and guitar skills. The chords used in this song are D, Em, G and again a D. Also this song requires a capo on the third fret. This song is very simple with very simple chords, so even beginners can play and sing this song with ease.

5. Beat It by Michael Jackson

‘Beat it’ has to be one of the easiest songs to play on any guitar as a beginner and this is often one of the first songs most teenagers play when they get their hands on their guitar. The funky main riff of this song has to be the only complicated thing in this whole song but everyone can play it with very little practice.

It was included in the sixth studio album, Thriller by Michael Jackson back in 1982. It peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 staying there for three weeks. One year later, ‘Beat it’ received the Grammy Award for Record of the Year and Best Male Rock Vocal Performance.

There are only three chords used in this song Em, D, and C. The only complicated part in the song is the opening riff and the timing for strumming, but it can be played with very little practice so heads up, and good luck.

6. Ride by twenty-one pilots

The American duo, Twenty-one Pilots has to be one of the most popular duos in the face of the musical world. The ride is the fifth single from the album Blurryface. It is a song that slides towards electro-pop and is one of the easiest songs to play and sing alongside.

The ride was very successful commercially as it peaked at Number five on Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at number one on the Alternative Songs Chart and various other charts. It is the duo’s third highest-ranking single behind “Heathens” and “Stressed Out”.

The chords that are needed for this song are G, Am, Em, C, and D. These are beginner-friendly chords and most people can play these chords and due to it, this song is very popular. The intro, chorus, verse, and outro all have these chords with slight variations but we believe everyone will be able to cope with it.

7. Photograph by Ed Sheeran

The photograph is still one of the most loved songs by Ed Sheeran. With one of the most beautiful lyrics, it is said that the song discusses a long-distance relationship with his then-girlfriend. It beautifully depicts his love for his girlfriend.

It is a song from Ed’s second studio album ‘X’. It peaked at number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US and number 15 on the UK Single Chart. It was a commercial success.

D, Bm, A, and G are the only chords used in the whole song. This song is played with palm muting and it could be quite challenging at first but believe us it is one of the easiest songs to play and it is a lot of fun.

8. You Belong with Me by Taylor Swift

A blend of country and power pop, you belong with me has to be one of the most romantic songs out there. The appeal and emotional sentiments this song produces have led to a lot of people singing this song for their crushes. Also, the music video to this song was really loved and we also personally loved it very much.

The song is taken from Taylor’s second studio album, ‘Fearless’. The song debuted at number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100, which later on moved to number 2. By 2019, it has sold 4.9 million copies in the US alone.

Now, how to play the song? It is very simple and the chords that are needed are a mere D, A, Em, and G with a capo on the 4th fret. The strumming pattern is also very simple and everyone can play it with ease. We hope for the best and good luck to whoever you’re singing this song.

9. Payphone by Maroon 5

Back in 2012, the only song in everyone’s mouth was a payphone. The song was the lead single from Maroon 5’s fourth studio album, Overexposed. The MV to this song was also very refreshing as it was like a short action movie. The song also got better with Wiz Khalifa’s rap midway through the song.

It is one of the best songs of 2012. Back then, it debuted at the number 3 spot before peaking at number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US. It was the world’s fifth best-selling single of 2012 with 9.5 million of copies sold.

With its popularity, the covers for this song out there are very vast. It can be learned with sets of very simple chords. The only needed chords for this song are F, C, Am, and G. Payphone is a very easy song to play and we wish you all the best, cheers.

10. I Don’t Care by Ed Sheeran ft. Justin Bieber

I Don’t Care is the lead single from Ed’s Fourth Studio Album, ‘No.6 Collaboration Project’. It was the fourth collaboration between Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber. It debuted at number one on UK Single Charts and number two on Billboard Hot 100 just behind ‘Old Town Road’ by Lil Nas X.

The chords needed for this song are E, C#m, A, and B. These sets of chords are very easy to play and ‘I Don’t Care is also a fun song. The capo can be used at the 2nd fret or to make it more easier the capo can be used at 6th fret. It is a very lovely song, with really lovely lyrics. Heads up and have fun playing the song!

11. Hey Soul Sister by Train

The train has to be one of the best bands out there in the world. ‘Hey, Soul Sister’ is the lead single from the band’s fifth studio album, ‘Save me, San Francisco’ which was released back in 2009. It is still loved by many and many of us still sing this song to this very day.

This song was very popular and successful and peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot 100. It is their highest song on the chart to date. It was also very successful commercially and sold more than 687000 copies in 2009.

It doesn’t take that much to play this song with the exception being the F chord. But with enough practice, it is not very hard. The chords needed for this song are C, G, Am, and F. This is a fun song and once the rhythm is mastered you can also sing the song with your friends.

12. All of Me by John Legend

One of the best songs by John Legend is, ‘All of Me’. When it was released back in 2013, it took the world by storm. It is a love song that he dedicated to his wife, Chrissy Teigen. His lyrics were emotional enough to bring tears to the eyes of many youths and adults.

It was a great song and it peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US. All of me was the second best-selling song in 2014. It also peaked at number two in the UK and South Africa.

You can play this song on the set of Em, C, G, D, and Am. The chords and chord progression are very simple and everyone can play this song in under one hour. The tuning is in standard tuning and capo goes on the first fret while playing this song.

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13. Memories by Maroon 5

From the band’s seventh studio album, Jordi, Memories was released as the lead single. According to Adam, this song is for, “anyone who has experienced loss”. This song is a reminder of people we’ve lost over the years and their memories.

The song peaked at number 2 on Billboard Hot 100 in the US. It was both loved and criticized. Rolling Stone India listed the song among the worst songs of 2019. But despite such criticism, it is a very fun song and many people loved it.

With the blend of fingerstyle and strums, the chords used in this song are G, D, Em, Am, and C. With both fingerstyle and strums, it creates one of the best tones and it is best for exercising wrists and fingers.

14. Rolling in the Deep by Adele

It is the lead single and opening track of Adele’s second studio album, ‘21’. The song’s gospel-like starting is one of the nicest tunes and later on, the upbeat vibe is unmatchable. The cover of Jackie Chan in the movie ‘Skiptrace’ is also very wholesome and poppy.

The song peaked at number 2 in the UK. It also topped the US Billboard chart and it was Adele’s first song to peak at number 1 in the US.

The strumming pattern and the chords used in the song are really easy. The chords used in the song are Am, E7, Em, F, and G. With very little practice you guys can master this song and have fun with friends.

15. Closer by The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey

The song which was on everyone’s playlist back in 2019 is Closer by the Chainsmokers featuring Halsey. It is a pop song with a retro-style chorus. Closer is a song from the perspective of both guy and a girl.

Closer peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US and stayed there for 12 consecutive weeks. It also peaked at number one in the UK, New Zealand, and Canada. It was very successful commercially.

To play this song, we need a capo on the first fret and only three chords are needed to sing along and play the song. The chords that are needed are Cadd9, D, and Em7. These chords are beginner friendly and very easy to play. Hope you’ll have fun!!

16. Just the way you are by Bruno Mars

Just the Way You Are defines the beauty of a woman. It was released back in 2010 as a lead single from Bruno’s debut studio album, ‘Doo-Wops & Hooligans’. This song was a great success and peaked at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100. It was also number one in the UK. It also won a Grammy Award for ‘Best Male Pop Vocal Performance.’

While the song was really successful, it has been covered by a lot of artists over the course of 12 years. The piano plays a major role in the song but we can simply play this song even with simple guitar chords and it sounds beautiful. The capo goes on the second fret and the chords you will be needing for playing this song are D, Bm7, G, and again G.

17. 102 by 1975

The song first surfaced on the Internet way back in 2013. 1975 has been in music for a very long time but gained popularity with the album, ‘The 1975’. Back in 2013, only the raw version had been released, and later on, the song was included in their third studio album, ‘A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships’ which was released in 2018.

Everyone loved the song and most people were really happy to get the studio version of the song. The capo goes on the fifth fret of the guitar and the chords needed to play this song are C, Em, Am, F, and G. Most people can have problems with playing the F chord but with little to very little practice, you guys will be able to play this song with ease.

18. You’re Beautiful by James Blunt

This has to be one of the best love-pop songs out there. The song was supposed to be in the debut album of James, ‘Back to Bedlam’ but was released a year later in 2005 as the fifth single of the album.

The song peaked at number one in the UK. And it is Blunt’s only song to reach the top 40 on US Billboard Hot 100. It is regarded as James’s greatest hit, in the US.

This is regarded as one of the most loved pop songs. This song defines and recites how someone can be so beautiful. The song is very catchy and can be played with very easy guitar chords. The chords are G/F#, G, Em7, Cadd9, and  D/F#. There is also a need for capo and it goes on the 8th fret. Overall, this is an easy song to play and we wish you good luck for whomever you’re singing this song.

19. Diamonds by Rihanna

Shine bright like a diamond…. Rihanna is known for her talented songwriting and her vocals. And Diamonds is one of her best songs which is very easy to play on a guitar. It is a pop song with R&B elements to it.

Rihanna has lots of songs that peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 and Diamonds was the 12th number one song of Rihanna on the Billboard Hot 100. It was very successful commercially and debuted at number one in the UK.

The tuning is in standard tuning and the chords used to play this song are Bm, Em, and A. These three chords are the only necessary chords to play this song. Also, the strumming starts with basic down strums and is very easy to follow afterward. You guys will have a blast learning it and hope you’ll have fun!!

20. Your Call by Secondhand Serenade

This is one classic pop-rock song everyone listened to back in 2008. It is one of our all-time favorite songs and this song depicts how the guy misses his girl and wants to hear her voice on a phone call.

This song was included in two different albums ‘Awake’ and ‘A twist in my story’ all the way back in 2007 and 2008 respectively. It has millions of views on YouTube and we can see a lot of people coming back to it to listen to it every time they miss their loved ones.

This is one easy pop song to play on guitar. The chords used to play this song are G, C, D, Em, and F#. It is very easy once you try it for yourself and get acquainted with it. And if guys are looking for a beginner-level challenge, you guys can also try the intro sequence.

21. Shallow by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

From the soundtrack of the movie, ‘A Star is Born’, Shallow is one of the best songs to emerge from Lady Gaga. Also, Bradley Cooper has done a great job of singing the song. It is one of our favorite songs.

It peaked at number 1 one week after it won Best Original Song at the Academy Awards in 2019. Shallow continued on peaking at number one in Canada, and Ireland. In 2019, it sold 10.2 million copies.

It is a ballad-type, folk-pop song that is very easy to play on guitar. The chords which are used to play the song are Em, G, C, and D. Even beginners can play this tune and sing along with it. The only complicated part of this song is singing like Lady Gaga.

22. Wonderwall by Oasis

The song ‘Wonderwall’ by the English Band Oasis is one of the first songs beginner guitar players learn. It is the first song of many people around the globe. It was released all the way back in 1995 and was included in the band’s second studio album, ‘(What’s the story) Morning Glory?’.

The song topped the chart in Australia and New Zealand and was number 5 on the US Billboard Hot 100. It is one of the most popular songs by Oasis.

For this song, we will be needing capo on the second fret of the guitar and the chords needed are a set of Em, G, D, A7sus4, and C. Although A7sus4 sounds very intimidating, it is a very simple chord. And most people can play it in a matter of minutes. This is one hell of an easy song, so have fun learning and playing this song.

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23. Love on the Weekend by John Mayer

All the way back in 2016, the song was released as the lead single from his seventh studio album, ‘The Search for Everything’. Back then, everyone was in love with this song. And even the chords used in the songs are very simple to play along to.

It peaked at number 53 on Billboard Hot 100 in the US, and at number 5 in US Hot Rock & Alternative Songs. The song was also performed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The chords used in this song are G, C, and D. These 3 chords are the only essential chords in the whole song. The intro, verse, chorus, and outro, everything is covered with these 3 chords.

24. All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor

All About That Bass was released in 2014 as a debut single and voices a teenager struggling with negative body image. It was a song that tried to promote self-acceptance.

It peaked at number one a month after its release and was very successful. It was number one for eight consecutive weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US. All About That Bass was nominated for Record of the Year and Song of the Year.

The chords needed for the song are a simple set of A, Bm, E, and D. Those four chords are very simple to play and the difficulty is beginner-level. It is one of the easiest pop songs to play on guitar.

25. Let Her Go by Passenger

Let Her Go, is a single released by Passenger in 2013 from their fourth album, ‘All the Little Lights’. It was a huge hit and successfully topped many charts all around the world.

It peaked at number 5 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at number one in Australia, Denmark, and other countries. The song has sold over a million digital copies in the UK and 4 million in the US.

The song has very heartwarming lyrics and the chords used to play this song are G, F, Am, C, and Em. The strumming pattern is also slow so, you guys can take it slow until you guys are perfect. Have lots of fun.

26. Titanium by David Guetta ft. Sia

Titanium is nowhere close to a pop song, but believe us, this is one of the best songs out there. The song is more house music and is from David’s, ‘Nothing but the Beat’.

The song was very popular and successful and Titanium gave David his 13th top 10 songs in France. In the US, it peaked at number 7 on US radio. The song was certified double platinum by RIAA.

The chords essential for the song are C, G, Am, F, Em, and Asus2. The song may sound intimidating at first as it is more of a Dance and House music but believe us, it is one of the easiest songs to play on guitar. Even with very little practice, beginners will also be able to play.

Have a great time learning it.

Elvis Presley is one of the biggest music artists of all time and he is also one of the best-selling artists. As per the reports, Presley is estimated to have sold more than a billion records globally. Presley is even nicknamed the “King of Rock and Roll.” Sadly, around forty-five years the king of rock and roll passed away.

Presley was loved by everyone especially, women would go crazy over him. Furthermore, Presley also had several love affairs when he was alive. However, he was married to only one woman Priscilla Beaulieu only to get a divorce six years after their marriage.

After he divorced Priscilla, he was in a relationship and later got engaged to Ginger Alden, who was twenty-two years younger than Presley. Presley spent his final days with his fiancee Alden and she revealed what were Presley’s final words.

John Lennon’s Last Words Before He Left Us

What were Elvis Presley’s final words?

The king of rock and roll Elvis Presley died on August 16, 1977. He died at his Memphis mansion, Graceland. While talking about Presley’s final moments, Ginger Alden said that Presley was having a hard time falling asleep and he went to the bathroom to read because he did not want to disturb Alden. Sadly, she did not know that it would be the last time she’d see him alive.

Alden said that Presley’s final words he ever spoke were, “I’m going to the bathroom to read.” She then replied, “OK, but don’t fall asleep.” She said that she left Presley’s reading light on for him. She fell asleep and when she woke up several hours later at 2 pm and noticed Presley’s reading light still on. She then went and knocked on the bathroom door and called him. However, he did not respond so she opened the door and found him collapsing on the bathroom floor.

She then said that when she touched him his skin was cold. In her memoir Elvis and Ginger she wrote, “Elvis looked as if his entire body had completely frozen in a seated position while using the toilet and then had fallen forward, in that fixed position, directly in front of it, It was clear that, from the time whatever hit him to the moment he had landed on the floor, Elvis hadn’t moved.”

Furthermore, the Daily Mail also stated that Ginger recalled the final moments of Presley. Ginger further says, “I slapped him a few times and it was like he breathed once when I turned his head.” She also tried to open his eyes and she said, “It was just blood-red, but I couldn’t move him. I didn’t want to think he was dead. God wouldn’t want to take him so soon.”

She then called for help and Joe Esposito, Presley’s old army friend came over and gave him emergency treatment, however, Presley was gone. It was later reported that Presley died of cardiac arrest from an overdose of prescription drugs. Presley was 42 years old at the time of his death. His death shocked and saddened the whole world. Especially it would have been hard for Ginger as they even had planned for their wedding.

Furthermore, Presley’s step-brother Billy Stanley also recalled the last time they met before his death. According to Fox News, Stanley met Presley on August 14, 1977, and they talked for a while later Presley asked Stanley, “Do you believe God forgives us for all our sins?” Stanley responded, “Well, yeah, I mean, we’ve talked about this for almost 17 years, Elvis.” Presley then said, “I just wanted to hear you say that, Billy.”

Stanley then said that Elvis wanted to make several changes in his life. Elvis wanted to fire his manager as well as some of his employees. He also wanted Stanley to leave his job and work for him again. Later, Presley told Stanley he is going to read Bible and told Stanley that he loves him. While Stanley said that they would meet on August 16.

Love songs are one of the popular and heartwarming genres. Do you want to choose some romantic songs for him, and make him fall in love right away? Well, you’re just at the right place. We’ll give you some best love song suggestions, and with them, he’s all yours.

In a relationship, both of the partners should give their equal, if he shows you love and affection then you should do the same, and that time why not try singing one of the best love songs for him?

Love songs will make the bond of your relationship more strong and will grow more affection for each other. Let’s take a look at the list of love songs that will help your partner to grow affection for you.

A Thousand Years

Artist: Christina Perri

This one is one of the most heart whelming and most beautiful love songs that are out there. It’s a miracle if you haven’t heard this song’s name. Thai Msong has been popular all over the world and is one of the most beautiful ones as well.

The singer, Christina Perri has done amazing vocals on this song. Her soothing voice might just be the perfect thing that you are looking out for here. She has put a lot of emotions and a peaceful charisma in her voice in that song.

Not only her voice, but even the melody of this song is a real beauty. The slow piano melody makes you feel like you guys are truly in a twilight movie and having a romantic time together. If that’s not enough then have you taken a look at the lyrics?

The lyrics are just beautiful as the melody. When we take the whole piece together, we find a true glowing gem. This a song you must put on your list!

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Love Me Like You Do

Artist: Ellie Goulding

Here’s another angelic voice with a great melody and a great artist. The song is filled with emotions and when the angelic artist, Ellie sings it, the whole song becomes a love story,

The song lyrics are also perfect for your partner. The song explains how your partner is important in your life, and how he has bloomed flowers in your heart after his presence in your life.

Ellie’s dreamy and angelic voice perfectly matches the lyrics and the beautiful melody. If your partner won’t smile during the chorus of this song, then he probably likes Rock Music you know. Everyone who has been a fan of the love song genre has loved the song, you might even join them as well, after taking one listen.

Love Story

Artist: Taylor

How can we forget one of the most famous love songs of all time? Love Story is a banger song by Taylor Swift. She has always sounded angelic and gorgeous in her song and Love Story is one of her identity songs.

The upbeat pop-country love song is just perfect for any couples that are out there. You might’ve also seen this song being played at many weddings as well. Well, why wouldn’t they feature it at their wedding after taking the lyrics of the song?

The lyrics explain how both of you pairs feel for each other. The song will portray you couple like a prince and princess, just like it is portrayed in the music video.

The lyrics of the song are really beautiful and will attract anybody who’s in a relationship. Taylor Swift’s Love Story might be the perfect missing puzzle for your partner! Play this and he’ll keep remembering your face with every verse!

I Will Always Love You

Artist: Whitney Houston

Who doesn’t know Whitney Houston? Her beautiful voice is one of the iconic voices in the music industry. She has gained a number of fanbases just with her angelic voice, and not to mention, she also has one of the most difficult voices to cover!

The song ‘I will always love you is one of the romantic love songs that will melt your partner’s heart and soul. The song’s melody, lyrics, and Whitney’s angelic voice are the perfect combination that you should let your partner listen to.

It’s ironic how she has filled every word of the song with emotions. And the moment where she does the high note is truly one of the iconic moments in the music industry. You might’ve already but if you haven’t then you should add this song right away!

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When I Look At You

Artist: Miley Cyrus

Another perfect love song for your partner is Miley Cyrus’s “When I Look At You”. She has an angelic and dreamy voice just like Ellie Goulding. The melody and her voice make a perfect love song and the lyrics couldn’t be any more perfect.

The song starts slow and reaches a high tone, and Miley is the perfect singer to nail that kind of note. Her angelic voice might be the thing that you’re searching for the whole time.

She has put a great effort into her voice and has put a lot of emotion into her songs which makes the song really beautiful and romantic.

Teenage Dream

Artist: Katy Perry

Every slow song with a sad piano melody might seem like a love song, but it’s not necessary for every love song to have that kind of melody. Some songs can be filled with adventurous journeys, just like Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream.

Katty Perr’s Teenage dream might be another perfect love song for your partner if you guys are carefree. If you guys love adventures and wild things in your life and want to stay forever just the same way, then the Teenage dream is perfect for you.

Katty Perry has sung the whole song with perfection and we get the vibe that we’re having a perfect adventurous life with our amazing partner. What are you waiting for? Go and add the song right now!

If I Ain’t Got You

Artist: Alicia Keys

Wow! The first reaction when you’ll hear this song. Alicia has sung this song so perfectly that it has won a Grammy and has been one of the classic love songs of all time. The emotion that she has expressed in her song is truly miraculous!

She explains in her song that when you’re with your partner, you don’t want any piece of wealth, success, or any kind of fame. She explains that if it’s not you then there’s nothing with her and he’s your everything.

The song starts with her iconic piano riff, and the part is just perfection. The melody matches perfectly and her strong high note voice full of emotions is just the perfect thing your partner needs to listen to this time.

When you’ll play this song, the love for your partner grows like never and the affection for him will start to grow roots right away. If you’re on the journey to find the perfect love song and if you don’t have this one on your list then, it’s a shame.


Artist: Corinne Bailey Rae

Closer might be another perfect love song to play for him! The song is filled with iconic moments and the angelic voice of Corinne makes you want to get close to your partner more than ever!

Her voice is so manipulative that it will make you explore your love for your partner more deeply and deeply. Her voice and her manipulative lyrics might be the perfect thing that your partner needs. When he’ll listen to it, he’ll surely want to explore you truly.

The song is purely a crime to listen to. There aren’t any kind of sugary lyrics, it just wants to explore your partner more deeply than ever and get closer and closer!

Make You Feel My Love

Artist: Adele

When two pairs get together, we can never guarantee that there will be always happiness and peace. There are ups and downs, and dark times in every love, and Adele has portrayed this beauty in her song perfectly.

This song will make your partner understand you much better than ever. The song will make you and your love understand the feeling deeply, this song will truly make your partner feel cared for and loved, and understood.

Adele has perfectioned the song, the song is filled with emotions. The emotions that’ll display the care for your partner. It’ll help you to share your all hard moments with your partner. The song is truly beautiful and just like her voice, you might make your relationship perfect.

Kiss Me

Artist: Sixpence None The Richer

Another song that’ll make your partner’s heart flutter with emotions. This wonderful romantic love song will help you get closer to your partner. And just as the title states, your partner can’t wait to see and give you a kiss.

Leigh Nash has an angelic voice and when the rock beat gets added to the song, it gets more perfect and perfect. Her voice gives the sensation of youth and the beat gives you the feeling of romantic funny love.

Every element of this song is perfect. The instrument, the song, the lyrics, everything is perfect for your love. When you’ll listen to this song, it will make you fill with butterflies, imagination, and hearth whelming sensation that will make your heart flutter.

Sixpence None The Richer’s “Kiss Me” might be the perfect song if you want to get a nostalgic feeling. The magical song will make your partner love and think about you and smile all the time.

Because You Loved Me

Artist: Celine Dion

Who can forget Celine and her amazing romantic song collections? Her romantic love songs will always remain in our hearts. Her angelic voice will always have a special room because her songs are the definition of love and romance.

Celine’s voice and her angelic melodies are the most beautiful thing to hear. Her song “Because you Loved Me” will always be one of the most beautiful love songs for your partner. The song is a sign of gratitude.

The song is about gratitude for your partner. It will display all the thankful feelings that you feel for your partner. The song explains how your partner has helped you through the darkest times and was always with you whether it was a rainy day or sunshine.

This song will remind you about all the positive things, and all the hello that your partner has done for you. If you think that words aren’t enough to thank your partner, then the perfect way to portray your gratitude is through this beautiful song.

My Heart Will Go On

Artist: Celine Dion

Who can forget this iconic love song? This song was everything about love back in the past. The song is one of the OG’s and will always remain at the heart of many fans. The song was a hit, just like the blockbuster movie, Titanic.

The emotions that Celine has shown in her voice are so gorgeous!!! Every lyric and word of this song has touched the soul of many fans, especially all the couples out there. When it was released for the first time, it already became a hit without even trying.

The iconic song represents what you feel for your partner, and how nothing matters to you when you’re with your love. The song also displays how your partner will live inside your heart forever and ever.

“My Heart Will Go On” is one of the most gorgeous love songs, it is beyond perfect for your partner. Save it right now to your playlist and play it for him!

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My Love

Artist: Westlife

If you want to tell your partner how much he means to your life, Westlife’s my love is the perfect song! The band has angelic voices and when all of them sing together, the whole song becomes a masterpiece.

The band isn’t known for making slow romantic love songs, but this one was a perfect one by the band. Each member of the band has given a great top effort and in each word, we can see the feeling being spread in the song.

My Love is truly a beautiful 20’s love song. The song must be in your playlist. Whenever you’ll play this song, he can’t stop thinking about you. It will remind him of your face all the time and he can’t help but smile!

Better Together

Artist: Jack Johnson

One of our favorite acoustic love songs of all time. His acoustic guitar and voice will make you relax and will make your partner imagine all the moments that you guys have spent together.

The song explains that even though both of you guys don’t know what the future holds for both, one thing you guys can cherish is the present. This song will make your soulmate experience you every day, as long as there’s tomorrow.

Jack’s Better Together is presented beautifully, and it is one of the most romantic love songs out there. This song will express how much your partner means to your life. This might be the missing acoustic love song in your playlist!

How Deep Is Your Love

Artist: Bee Gees

With the soothing beat, the great vocals, and the perfect lyrics, the song is gorgeous from every angle you look. ‘How Deep is Your Love’ really has a deep meaning in their song. The dreamy piano melody and the notes BeeGees hit are just beautiful.

The song will elaborate on what kind of special seat your partner holds in your life. The song talks about the couple knowing each other and sharing their love with each other, discovering their deep love.

The three brothers singing the chorus is one of the beautiful parts of the song. The song will give you a feeling of how safe and comfortable you feel with your partner. Truly mesmerizing!

Truly, Madly, Deeply

Artist: Savage Garden

Just as the title explains, the song describes how you love your partner. With no fancy words, no sugar-coated melody, and a beautiful melody with a gorgeous voice, the song gives you a warm feeling for your partner and is just soulful.

The song explains how much you want to be in your partner’s life. The song portrays you and your partner being together until both of you reach the end. The song shares feelings and expresses how much your partner means to your life.

The song isn’t that old but is iconic at the same moment. When you take a closer look at the song then you’ll see why the title is named ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’. If you feel the same way or your partner just like the song then what is stopping you?

Lucky by

Artist: Colbie Caillat & Jason Mraz

Colbie and Jason Marz are some of the world’s most famous singers. When both of these stunners combine and make a love song, they leave the whole world stunned. This one is a song that you MUST listen in any cost!

This love song portrays the friendship, love, warmth, and love you feel in your relationship. The voice of this artist is so spectacular that it has made the whole song gorgeous.

The lyrics, the melody, the voice, everything about this song is portrayed beautifully. Even in the Music Video, we can see Jason Marz wandering in the streets, waiting for someone. Meanwhile, Colbie Caillat gives us a peaceful feeling.

25 Most Fun Songs to Play on Guitar with Tutorial Video


Artist: Lionel Richie

Here comes the song that takes us back to the time when things were old and beautiful in a love song. The song ‘Hello’ by Richie was released way back in 1983, but it is still one of the iconic romantic songs in this modern world.

If you love someone but you have a shy personality then this song is just perfect for you. Richie has expressed the emotions in his song that you couldn’t express to your loved ones. If you feel affection towards your crush but can’t express then ‘Hello’ will help you with it.

The song is beautiful and gives you hope to express all the feelings that are hidden within yourself. The way that song starts is just way more beautiful than you can imagine.

It starts with a one-sided love but as the song starts the grow you get a feeling of having a mutual connection between you and your loved ones. Shy? Just play Hello by Richie!

Like You Do

Artist: Joji

Now let’s talk about the song that is from the modern generation. Joji is one of the most popular singers out there. He is known for making beautiful sad romantic songs, and Like You Do is the perfect song to express how you’ll in your partner’s absence.

The melody of the song is slow and gorgeous. No fancy words, no sugary sentences, just a void of sadness where you’ll feel how things will turn out to be if your relationship ends in some way.

Joji is known for making sad and romantic songs, and his Like You Do is one of the perfect songs that will make your partner feel the void when you’ll not in his life.


Artist: Ed Sheeran

Another perfect love song for you and your partner! Ed Sheeran is known for having one of the iconic voices in the music industry. The artist has put his whole soul and heart into the song, and the lyrics are just way more than perfect.

Perfect is a beautiful song that expresses how you have found the perfect relationship in your life, and just like the title has shown, the song portrays and shows how perfect your soulmate is. When your partner will listen to this song, he’ll start to imagine you in a white dress.

The song is just perfect for your partner. This song explains how your partner should feel about you, just like the same you do for them. A pure heart whelming song with a beautiful voice.

In the end,

These songs are beautiful songs that are out there to play for your partner. Every song is unique in a way and every one of them is iconic and loveable!

We make sure that one of these songs will touch the heart and soul of your partner when you’ll play it. One way or another, when you’ll play this song, you’re partner will remember you and he’ll imagine you with a big smile on his face!

Have you ever thought about what would Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Freddie Mercury, Jimi Hendrix, and Kurt Cobain may look like if they got still alive?

Well, one of the world’s best AI artist has generated these legends’ imagined photos and answered the question of what they may look like today.

Turkish artist Alper Yesiltas has generated a photo using the latest technology to create a fresh current look-like photo of these music legends. Here we have listed a photo of Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Freddie Mercury, Janis Joplin, Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain, and Amy Winehouse.

Yesiltas said, “With the development of AI technology, I’ve been excited for a while, thinking that ‘anything imaginable can be shown in reality,’ “When I started tinkering with technology, I saw what I could do and thought about what would make me the happiest. I wanted to see some of the people I missed again in front of me and that’s how this project emerged.”

Yesiltas used software like Adobe Lightroom, VSCO, and some AI program called as Remini to increase the quality of the photo.

“With the development of AI technology, I’ve been excited for a while, thinking that ‘anything imaginable can be shown in reality,’” said Yesiltas in a statement. “When I started tinkering with technology, I saw what I could do and thought about what would make me the happiest. I wanted to see some of the people I missed again in front of me and that’s how this project emerged.”

When he was asked which artist you find the most realistic than Yeesiltas answer was “Michael Jackson”. He states that the Michael Jackson photos look so real this he was so confused and very happy seeing his favorite musican current state photo.

“Naturally, the moment I like the most is when I think the image in front of me feels real. The time I spend with a single image varies, but I would say it takes a while.”

Please check out the photos below and comment your thoughts on these photos.

John Lennon

john lennon by ai

Janis Joplin

janis joplin ai

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi looks like some scientist busy on a project or an old professor who is fluent in mathematics.

janis joplin ai

Amy Winehouse

amy winehouse ai

Kurt Cobain

I think I saw him somewhere.

kurt cobain ai

Tupac Shakur

Old fatty Tupac, what are your thoughts on this photo?

Michael Jackson

michael jackson ai

Freddie Mercury

Freddie looks like some kind of actor, for us, he looks similar to Tom Selleck.

Elvis Presley

elvis presley ai

Whether you have mastered the art of playing guitars or just learned a few chords you probably might want to impress the crowd or just have a fun time right?

Now, learning to play the guitar is itself a difficult task, and playing songs on it is equally hard. But imagine you are at a party or a fun gathering with your friends and someone hands you a guitar to play some songs for them.

What kind of songs would you go for? Obviously the fun ones right? You can’t just pick up the guitar and go, “Never mind, I’ll find someone like you”, I mean- yes we do love Adele but clearly, you don’t want to upset your friend by reminding him of his ex, do you?

Don’t know any fun songs to play on your guitar? Well, worry not because we’ve got you covered. In this article, we have managed to list 30 fun songs that you can easily play on your guitar and have fun with.

Let’s get right into it.

1. I’m Yours by Jason Mraz

Who would not have heard this song before? this is a very famous song and it is really fun to play and sing with yourself or with your friends. So how hard is it to play this on guitar? I’m yours is one of the easiest songs you can play on your guitar. However, if you are a beginner you may find its strumming pattern slightly but you should be able to catch it after a few tries.

While the original guitar chords for this song are G, D, Em, C, A7, Dsus4, and Bm, there is also a simple version that only includes four chords and if you are a beginner you might want to stick with the easy or simple version that requires including chords G, D, Em, and C. Above you can also watch the tutorial video if you don’t know how to play on this song. Oh, and by the way, this song is on standard tuning.

The Grammy-nominated 2008 hit song, I’m Yours by Jason Mraz has to be on top of our list. Not only was it Mraz’s most successful song, but also managed to reach 6th place in the Billboard Hot 100 and continued charting for a total of 76 weeks, making it a record breaker at that time.

The song was mainly about the singer addressing his love interest and his wish to give himself fully to his significant other. However, even the singer himself stated that the main meaning behind the song was to embrace the moment and fully enjoy it.

I’m yours is a very well-known song and also a slow-tempo acoustic ballad, so it would be  very easy to play the tunes on your guitar and have your friends accompany you, which would guarantee to create a fun moment and embrace it,  just like the song said

2. Can’t help falling in love, by Elvis Presley

Surely, this is another very popular song that everyone has heard at least once but I’m pretty sure that we have heard this song more than once. And it is quite understandable why this song is so popular, after all, it is the song by none other than the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley.

So is this song hard to play on guitar? if you are a beginner then absolutely you will find it somewhat challenging like every other song but this is one of the easiest songs you can play on your guitar. This song is on standard tuning and it only has six simple chords C, G, Em, Am, F, and B7. If you don’t already know how to play this song on guitar, then watch the simple and easy tutorial video above and learn how to play.

Marked as one of the greatest romantic songs in history, that song was able to peak at No.2 on the US Billboard Hot 100 behind Joey Dee and the Starliters’ “Peppermint Twist”.

The song depicted the singer’s feelings towards a girl for whom he was falling in love uncontrollably. With such beautiful words and sweet melodies, this lullaby of a song was capable of sweeping anyone off their feet.

The original songs sound wonderful and you know what else would make it sound heavenly? The songs are being played on the guitar.

It is surely a beautiful song to be played on guitar. So get that guitar and play some Elvis Presley, and just like the song said, people can’t help but fall in love with you.

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3. Stand By Me by Ben E. King

This might have been the favorite song of many teenagers when they fell in love for the first time. This song is really catchy and this is also one of the most popular as well as sampled songs out there. Furthermore, this song is also regarded as one of the most important pieces of music from the 20th century.

In fact, this is one of the best tracks that even various music artists have covered this song including John Lennon. Now is it hard to play on guitar? nope, this is also one of the easiest songs you can play on guitar although beginners may find the original chords A, F#m, D, E, and A, a bit challenging, there is also a simple version that includes four easy chords G, Em, C, and D. You can simply find the chords on google or you can also watch the tutorial video above to learn.

4. Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver

This evergreen masterpiece was released back in 1971 by famous singer John Denver. And it is very unlikely for someone to not have heard this song. Personally speaking, this song is one of my favorites and many might relate to this song. As as popular this song is, it is also fun to play this on guitar very much.

If you are a beginner then stick to these four easy chords G, D, Em, and C. However, if you are an intermediate guitar player then you can also play the original chords. Furthermore, you can also play fingerpicking style to make it more fun and pleasing. Beginners can learn if they don’t already know how to play the guitar on this song by watching the tutorial video above.

5. Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers

I don’t think I will have to say how big Red Hot Chili Peppers is and if you don’t know who they are then what are you even doing with your life? anyways back to the topic, Californication is the song by Red Hot Chili Peppers that was released back in 1999. Certainly, if you are a beginner then you might find it a bit challenging however, you will not improve until you push your limit. Moreover, if you don’t know guitar plucking then this is a good song for you to practice plucking. The good thing is you don’t need to be intermediate to play this song, you can play this even if you are a beginner however, you will have to practice.

6. Hotel California by Eagles

Certainly, it is fun to play classical and pop songs on a guitar but rock music is more fun to play. Hotel California is a very popular song and this is so much fun for a guitar however, if you are a beginner then it might be hard for you to play this one. However, for intermediate players, this might not be much challenging. The chords used in this song are Bm, F#7, A, E7, G, D, and Em.

However, I think even beginners can play the chords mentioned above if they practice hard enough. But if you still find it hard then you can search for the easy chords available for this song. Furthermore, I feel like Hotel California is a must-learn song to play on guitar.

7. Let Her Go by Passenger

Let Her Go is undoubtedly one of the most popular songs out there with more than three billion views on YouTube. Moreover, what is so amazing is that this song is really easy to play so even beginners can play this song however, if you are a beginner then you might find the plucking intro really challenging. But with practice, you will get the hang of it in no time.

Moreover, if you don’t feel like learning the plucking intro then you can just learn the rhythm of the song to play. There are simple and basic five chords you need to play this song and they are Fmaj7, C, G, Am, and Em. And if you need help with playing this song, you can find the tutorial for this song above.

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8. Can’t Take My Eyes off You by Frankie Valli

Frankie Valli was one of the legendary musicians in the world and one of his greatest hits is can’t take my eyes off you. This song was released back in 1967 however, it is still so popular, we can also see its popularity on social media platforms like TokTok. This romantic song is enough to melt anyone’s heart and it is also very lovely and fun to play on guitar.

So how hard is it to play on guitar? well, it is pretty easy however, there are various chords beginners complain about but with practice, you will start playing it in no time. Furthermore, for your assistance, you can find the tutorial video above.

9. Zombie by The Cranberries

Zombie is one of my personal favorite songs to play on guitar. Moreover, this is a really popular song with more than a billion views on YouTube. It was released back in 1994 however, it is still very relatable and fun to play and sing with your friends. And the good thing is this song is not that hard to play. However, if you are a beginner then you might find it a bit hard.

However, there is also a version for beginners. Originally the guitar chords for this song are Em, C, G, and D/F# but if you find it hard to play F# then you can only play the D chord instead, that way it will be really easy and even a beginner can play really well in this guitar.

10. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams by Green Day

I walk a lonely road, yes that’s the song and it is really beautiful. In fact, this song is a masterpiece, and it’s also really fun to play on guitar. However, I must say that beginners will have a hard time playing the original chords so they can just play the easy version.

These are the easy chords you can use to play this song, Em, G, D, A, C, and B7. Moreover, if you are confused then you can watch the guitar tutorial video given above.

11. Summer Of 69 by Bryan Adams

I don’t know about it now but when I started playing guitar, this was one of the first songs that every guitar learner would play. Released back in 1984, this song is really popular, and yes it is one of my favorite songs. This is also a really good and fun song to play especially with your friends. So is it hard to play? are you kidding me? back in my time, we used to learn how to play this song when we were beginners so no this song is not that hard to play.

There are seven chords in this song and they are D, A, Bm, G, F, Bb, and C. However, if you are a beginner then you will definitely find strumming patterns a bit challenging especially if you are playing an acoustic guitar cause it is kind of complicated, watch the tutorial video above and you will get it.

12. Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses

Sweet Child O’ Mine is a very hit song and it was released back in 1987. It is so popular that it has more than a billion views on YouTube. Furthermore, this not only is a popular song but also a very fun song to play on guitar and if you are into rock music then after you learn to play this you will not be able to stop playing this song.

Furthermore, this song is not that hard to play so even if you are a beginner, you will eventually learn how to play on this song. Originally there are eight chords used in this song and they are D, C, G, A, Em, B7, Am, and E.

13. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan

Knockin’ on heaven’s door is certainly one of the most iconic songs of all time and why wouldn’t it be? after all it’s a song from one of the greatest songwriters in history. Moreover, many popular icons have covered this song including the popular rock band Guns N’ Roses. It’s a really fun song and you don’t need to be a pro guitarist to play this song.

There are only four basic chords used in this song G, D, Am, and C. As you can see they are pretty easy chords and beginners will have no problem playing this song.

14. Thunderstruck by AC/DC

Thunderstruck is one of the most iconic and popular rock songs of all time. It was released back in 1990 but it is still very popular to this day and this song has more than a billion views on YouTube. However, as much as fun this song is to play on guitar, I have to say that it’s not for beginners as it is hard to play. But hey, practice makes a man perfect.

However, intermediate players will have no problem playing this song. The chords used in this song are B5, E5, A5, and D5. If you are having a problem playing this song, you can watch the guitar tutorial video above.

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15. Sultans Of Swing by Dire Straits

This song is one of my favorites and for me, this is one of the most fun songs to play on guitar. However, I must say that this is not for beginners because this song is really complicated to play not only do we have to use a power chord on this song, but the strumming pattern itself is also very complicated.

So what chords are used in this song? Dm, C, Bb, A, F, and A7. These are the chords used in this song. Although beginners will have a hard time playing this song, with enough practice you will definitely be able to play this legendary iconic song.

16. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

Bohemian Rhapsody is a hit song by the popular rock band Queen, in fact, this was the first song that made the band popular. It was released back in 1975 and became an instant hit. Moreover, this is also a very entertaining and fun song to play on guitar. However, it might be hard for beginners to play this song as they have used a few complicated chords.

However, this is one of the coolest songs to play guitar on. So are you up to taking the challenge and learning to play guitar in this song? well if you are then you can learn by watching the tutorial video given above.

17. Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd

Since this song made it out on this list, it’s very obvious that this song is also really fun to play on guitar. Released in 1979, this song is really chilling and that is what makes it so much fun to play. Furthermore, this song is not that hard to play but of course, if you are a beginner then it will be hard for you.

There are only six chords used in this song and they are Dm, G, F, C, D, and Bb. You can find the tutorial video above, watch and learn how to play guitar in this song.

18. War Pigs by Black Sabbath

One of the greatest hits of the popular rock band Black Sabbath, war pigs talks about the truth of rich, politicians, and poor people. However, even though it talks about a serious matter there is so much power in guitar playing and that makes this song so much fun to play.

Although this song does not have many complicated chords, it’s still hard to play for beginners, so I will say that this song is not for beginners. The chords used in this song are E, D, G, Gb, and F.

19. We Are The Champions by Queen

This is another really hit song by Queen and many guitar players find this song very fun. This song was so hit back when it was released but this is still a really popular track of all time. Sadly, this is a hard track to play guitar on for beginners and even intermediate players may find it a bit challenging.

There are a number of chords used in this song and mostly bar and power chords so it is obvious that beginners will have a really hard time learning this song. But if you still want to learn, then you can watch the tutorial video given above.

20. One Last Breath by Creed

One last breath by creed is one of my favorite tracks of all time, and this masterpiece was released back in 2001, and I remember learning to play guitar to this song as soon as I heard it. And back then we did not get a tutorial video so we had to learn it on our own.

Anyways, I somehow learned to play it and I still play this on guitar because this song is really fun to play. It is not that hard to play this song, you just need six chords D, A, Bm, G, F#, and Em.

21. Highway to Hell by AC/DC

If you have ever listened to this track then I guarantee that this track had you jumping because this song has so great music and listening to its guitar is just whole another experience. I still keep listening to its guitar cover to this day. This is one of the must-learn songs to play on guitar.

Obviously, beginners will have a hard time playing this but it’s worth all the hardship and challenge because once you learn to play this, you will not stop playing the song.

22. Master of Puppets by Metallica

Master of puppets is really a masterpiece and one of its kind. This track will definitely pump you up and I know you got all worked up when you heard this in season four of stranger things. This is a really hard song to play so beginners should just skip this one because it will give hard time even for intermediate players. However, if you still want to learn it then the tutorial video is right up there.

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23. Wake Me Up by Avicii

First of all rip Avicii, and secondly it is one of the greatest hits and it has more than two billion views on YouTube. The song is titled wake me up and the title already gives us energy so it is a very energetic song and it will remain in your head forever.

There are only basic chords used in this song so it’s not that hard to play. Furthermore, there are two different versions of this song, and above in the tutorial video, you can learn both the studio and capo versions.

The song received huge success and was considered the Summer Anthem. The hit song is a folktronica tune that mixes E.D.M., soul, and country music elements altogether.


It is a dancy and fun song with a high tempo and a basic progression of 5 chords. There are two barre chords in the progression, but it sounds better if you also play the G chord with the barring position.

24. It’s My Life by Bon Jovi

It’s my life is a very popular song and one of the greatest hits of the rock band Bon Jovi. This song has very good guitar playing and this is really a great song to learn and play guitar on. It really is a great song which is why it was even nominated for the Grammy award. Although this song will be hard for beginners, intermediate players can learn and play this song easily.

25. Blackbird by the Beatles

Before writing anything, this song is not for beginners. However, this song is so good that I had to mention it. The picking is really hard for beginners but intermediate guitar players might not find it that hard or challenging. Keep practicing the song and you will certainly be able to play. Moreover, you can find the tutorial video above.

26. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana

Even from the title, you can certainly guess just how fun the song is going to be. Smells like Teen Spirit by Nirvana is one of the songs that you are bound to like on the first listen.

The song has been credited with transforming the 90s rock landscape, which had been previously mainly dominated by hair bands and polished pop.

Smells like Teen Spirit was definitely the most famous song of the grunge pioneers Nirvana, who ushered a new sound for rock and rock.

Although Cobain, the lead vocalist, guitarist, and primary songwriter of Nirvana, himself said that the song had no specific meaning and was just piece of poetry with very little sense, many people believed it was about the teenage revolution.

Well whatever the song meant, it was a very popular song and an entertaining one as well. It is a very upbeat song and also very easy to play on guitars.

Released in 1991, it is one of the most played songs by beginner electric guitar players. It does require some techniques such as palm mutes and power chords to play the tune, but once you have mastered that you are good to go. So, have fun playing and feel like a rockstar.

27. The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars

As we know, we all have days where we just don’t feel like doing anything, right? Like literally we just want to do nothing and then there’s Bruno Mars who just wrote a song about not wanting to do anything when he wanted to do nothing.

Released in 2010, Bruno Mars’s The Lazy Song was the perfect song for describing the times when you just feel lazy and like doing absolutely nothing.

The Lazy Song was a reggae-influenced pop tune and was released along with his debut album Doo-Wops & Hooligans and became immediately popular after its release.

The song is played with 7 open chords and a reggae-style strum pattern, which is very easy to follow. To play the song on your guitar you just follow a muted strum and an open strum for each upstroke, creating an off-beat strum pattern for each downstroke. Quite easy right?

To this date, the song has garnered about 2.4 billion views on youtube, making it one of the most listened-to and watched songs on the platform. So, what are waiting for? Go grab your shades and a few monkeys and have fun playing the song. And don’t forget your guitar.

28. Losing My Religion – R.E.M

One of the most popular tunes in rock history is the 1991 track Losing My Religion by R.E.M. The song won several awards and topped the charts becoming a fan-favorite tune with the help of its incredible music video and great lyrics as well as melodies.

The song is a great one to play with a friend. Originally the acoustic guitar strums the chords while the mandolin plays the lead melody. Still, you can quickly adapt it to guitar, enjoying playing the tune alone or with a fellow guitarist.

29. Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

Next on our list is Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. Released in the late October of 2012, Radioactive that song was a massive hit right after its release and shot Imagine Dragons to fame.

The song, Radioactive became popular because of its addictive and catchy beats. As explained by the band themselves, the very masculine and powerful-sounding song was about an awakening.

The song had lots of personal stories behind it; like waking up one day and deciding to do something new and see life in a fresh way.

The song may sound difficult to play but surprisingly it is a really great and easy song for beginners to play.

The very strong sound may intimidate you at first but because it has basic chords and an easy strumming pattern throughout the whole song, it won’t be much difficult to play the song on a guitar.

So, go ahead and play this banger on your guitar, enjoy it, and probably be awakened.

30. Summer of ‘69 by Bryan Adams

When we think of fun times, we probably think of summertime and when we combine these two we get the song, Summer of ‘69 by Bryan Adams.

Summer of ‘69 is a song recorded by the famous Canadian musician Bryan Adams. The song was a hit from his album, Reckless. The summer of ‘69 was not just a song but also an eventful summer as the era-defining moon landing.

Written by Bryan and his longtime songwriting collaborator Jim Vallance, Summer of ‘69 was bout a dilemma between the singer’s wish to settle down or to become a rockstar. The rock-pop hit song was one of those songs that just screamed summertime.

This popular hit is not only fun for summertime, but also quite popular among guitarists as it is very easy to play. To play this song on your guitar, all you need is seven simple chords and a simple strumming pattern.

From start to end, using the seven chords; D major, A major, B minor, G major, F major, Bb major, and C major, you can easily play this song on your guitar.

All these chords can be easily played except for the barre chords, which you can easily pick up with some practice.

So if you want to have that nostalgic summer vibes along with some fun, what‘s greater than a classic Bryan Adams, right?

31. The one that got away by Katy Perry

There are lots of Katy Perry songs that you could play on your guitar and have fun but for this list today we have brought one of her hits, The one that got away.

Released in 2010, the popular song, The one that got away was a mid-tempo pop ballad song about lost love. With the pop, and dance electronic genre, and Katy’s powerful vocals, the song reached the top of Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Songs.

Being crowned the top of dance club songs you can just take guess how fun the song might be and being played on a guitar can also be a fun song.

The song told the story of someone in their old age reminiscing the love that they shared when they were younger. However, some believe the song is more about losing the people you love because of simple mistakes.

So, whether you are missing someone special and want to dedicate them to a song or just want to have fun playing the tunes to have some fun, we suggest you give this Katy Perry’s number a go.

32. Cake By the Ocean by DNCE

The best music is usually the simplest thing to play. Seems like the average listener leans that way too. We all like a hooky intro. Take for example “Cake By the Ocean,” by DNCE, a more current song.

Make sure you get the edited radio version for language purposes, but man what a sweet guitar riff in the beginning. You do want to have something new and something old in your bag of tricks. Talk to me, baby.

If you love slow acoustic tempo tunes and sing along with them, this one is great to learn and master for beginners as well as intermediate players.