John Lennon’s Last Words Before He Left Us

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December 8 might be an unforgettable dark day for The Beatles fans because on the same date in 1980 co-lead vocalist of the band John Lennon was assassinated in The Dakota, New York, United States, by a man named Mark David Chapman. John was 40 years old at the time of his death and he was also the first member of the band to leave this world.

As concerned about John and the Beatles, many fans wanted to know if Lennon said something before he died or his last words. And if you are here to know what Lennon’s last words were then you are at the right place as in this piece we will disclose what he said before dying.

While we are on it we will also talk about who Lennon’s murderer Mark David Chapman is and what was the reason behind his action.

What did Mark David Chapman say to John Lennon?

Did you know that Mark used to be a huge fan of John Lennon? so what made him turn against someone he idolize? why did Mark kill Lennon? let’s find out. Just six hours before Lennon was killed, he met Chapman and signed a record ‘Double Fantasy’ for him. And we can also imagine that the two must have a short conversation although we don’t know what Chapman told Lennon.

As per the reports, Lennon was returning from Record Plant Studio to his apartment when Chapman shot Lennon four times with a .38 caliber gun twice in his shoulder and twice in his back. Lennon was later taken to Roosevelt Hospital where he was pronounced dead. So why did Chapman, who was one of Lennon’s fans kill him?

Sources say that Chapman is a very religious man and even though he was a huge fan of John Lennon, he turned against Lennon because in 1966 Lennon stated that his band is more famous or popular than Jesus. Chapman is now serving lifetime imprisonment at the Wende Correctional Facility in Alden, New York. Moreover, it does not seem that he will ever be free from prison as his parole has been denied already over 10 times.

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John Lennon’s last words

If you search for what John Lennon’s last words were then you most likely will get various answers as there are many people who claim Lennon said various words.

A guy claimed that his brother-in-law was one of the officers who took Lennon to hospital and he stated that Lennon’s last words were, “how do I look?” so basically he was asking if he was going to make it or not. Sadly, John died before he reached the hospital.

Furthermore, there are also people who claim, that John was asked if he knew who he was by a police officer after he was shot to which he replied “yes, I’m John Lennon.” Moreover, people also claim that Lennon’s last words were “I’m shot.”

However, in an interview with Kirsty Young, Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono revealed her last conversation with Lennon. Yoko said that she asked John, “shall we go and have dinner before we go home?” and he replied, “No, let’s go home because I want to see Sean before he goes to sleep.” Now many of you must be thinking what did John Lennon say after he was shot but it seems that he didn’t say anything.

In the same interview, Yoko was asked if Lennon told or said anything after getting shot, and she whispered “No.” However, many also believe that Lennon did say I’m shot after he was shot but Yoko might have not listened because she was in shock.

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