Corey Taylor says Slipknot could go on even if he leaves the band

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In a recent interview with Rock Antenne, Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor revealed that he plans to eventually step away from the band, although not for a few years. Taylor recognizes that physically he only has about five years left to meet the demands of touring and performing live shows. However, he emphasized that he does not intend to separate Slipknot and believes the band could continue without him.

Taylor sees Slipknot as more than just a group of individuals; it has become a symbol with a lasting message, sound, and structure. He believes that the band’s music has transcended its members and that Slipknot represents something greater. Taylor stated, “For something we have masks because we are more a symbol that always changes but whose message remains. That’s why I think the band could go on.”

If the time comes for Taylor to step away, he expressed his willingness to seek out his own replacement. However, it is worth noting that fans may be hesitant about a Slipknot lineup without the original vocalist. Over the years, the band has experienced departures and changes that have affected its trajectory, including the deaths of Paul Gray and Joey Jordison.

While Taylor’s comments provide insight into his personal thoughts and plans, there have been no official announcements about his departure from Slipknot. As of now, Slipknot continues to perform with Taylor as their frontman, and they have upcoming tour dates scheduled. The future of Slipknot beyond Taylor’s involvement remains uncertain.

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