The David Bowie Song Corey Taylor Used To Pick Up Girls

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Since the beginning of time, the thrilling quest to find love has been a rollercoaster of silky pick-up lines, adorable pranks, and everything in between. Aspiring Romeos and Juliets have created their own secret formulas to woo their loved ones, with varying degrees of success.

Imagine learning that a rock artist has a song that is so seductive that serves as their ultimate cupid lifehack—a hidden love potion. Meet Corey Taylor, the artist who won the hearts of many enamored admirers with a David Bowie classic.

Let me introduce you to our main character, the incredibly brilliant leader of not one, but two storied bands: Stone Sour and Slipknot. His powerful voice and captivating stage presence have earned him a sea of dedicated admirers over the course of a career spanning decades. Hard rock, metal, and a dash of punk are blended together in our musical maestro’s one-of-a-kind manner to produce that distinctive sound.

Our charming story, however, isn’t about his musical ability; rather, it’s about love, baby! Taylor found himself back in the dating scene following the dissolution of his first marriage, keen to learn the fine art of romance and establish fresh relationships. Our tale then takes an interesting turn at that point.

The musician revealed his post-divorce partying antics, which he used to meet new people (especially women) and widen his social circle, in a 2014 interview that Louder posted. Here comes Bowie, the unanticipated hero of our charming story of love and music and the secret ingredient in our star’s romantic voyage.

The late artist’s famous song “Stay” served as the musician’s “love potion.” To the joy and amusement of his pals, who eventually began copying the action anytime they heard the music playing, he would play the song to wow the girls and unapologetically swagger about the house like a loveable goofy.

He described those times and his strategies as follows: “When I got divorced from my first wife, and I moved into my own place, I’d have parties at my house. If I wanted to pick up girls, I’d always play ‘Stay’ by David Bowie and strut through the house like an idiot. I really overdid it to the point where it became a comedy routine. All my friends do the strut now, too, if that song comes on. It’s hilarious. Did it work? Yeah, I guess that closed the deal for me a couple of times …”

Isn’t it a real joy to learn more about our favorite rock artists’ private lives and see how similar to us they are on the inside? It’s quite amusing to learn that even famous people like Corey have their own, endearing methods to mix, socialize, and connect with others.

Give the “Corey Taylor strut” a try the next time you find yourself at a celebratory gathering or a chic soirée. Who knows, it could just have the same magical effects on you! It may be the secret element your love life has been waiting for if it can seal the deal for the charismatic frontman of two top-charting bands. The romantic world is full of surprises, and you never know when your own toolbox could benefit from a sprinkle of that celebrity charm.

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