Dan Reynolds Reveals The Weird Reason Why Imagine Dragons Are Late To Shows

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In a recent exchange with The Washington Post, Dan Reynolds offered an unexpected insight into why Imagine Dragons concerts might occasionally start fashionably late.

According to Reynolds, the culprit behind their tardiness is none other than the allure of video games, particularly the addictive universe of ‘League of Legends‘:

“There have been occasions where we’ve been fashionably late to take the stage because we were engrossed in a heated session of ‘League of Legends.'”

Reynolds elaborated on the game’s captivating hold, highlighting its strict penalties for early match withdrawals, a feature that has occasionally prolonged the band’s gaming sessions. Despite any preconceived notions about his interests, Reynolds emphasized his deep-rooted passion for gaming, which he considers an integral part of his identity:

“People might be surprised to learn that gaming is a significant part of my life. Standing tall at 6 foot 4, with a background in music and drama rather than sports, gaming has become our sanctuary, our realm of familiarity.”

The band’s affinity for gaming extends beyond casual recreation, with Imagine Dragons forging partnerships with prominent video game companies over the years. Their collaboration with gaming industry giants like Ubisoft, Epic Games, Nintendo, and Riot Games underscores their commitment to the gaming community. This venture into the gaming sphere traces back to their performance alongside Nintendo composer Koji Kondo at the Game Awards in Las Vegas a decade ago, marking the inception of their enduring relationship with the gaming world.

As fans eagerly anticipate Imagine Dragons’ upcoming album, ‘Loom,’ set for release on June 28, the band has unveiled a novel approach to album preorders, including a distinctive $5 million announcement. The album preorder packages, available on the Imagine Dragons store, offer fans exclusive collectibles like a limited-edition ‘printed digital art puzzle,’ with each vinyl version featuring a unique insert. To elevate the exclusivity factor and deter scalpers, the band is also offering a special limited edition ‘Loom’ printed art puzzle vinyl exclusively on Discord, priced at a staggering $5,001,000. This unconventional pricing strategy aims to ensure genuine fan engagement while fostering a sense of community through their Discord server, where fans can access a special coupon code for a more affordable purchase.

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