Dave Mustaine Is Disappointed About Kiko Loureiro

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Dave Mustaine, the lead vocalist of Megadeth, recently opened up in an interview with A Rádio Rock about the band’s lineup changes. He expressed his initial disappointment over his former bandmate’s departure but was optimistic about their new guitarist, Teemu Mäntysaari, who came highly recommended:

“Continuing on as we have been is the plan. Kiko’s suggestion of Teemu was a stroke of luck, given Teemu’s remarkable skills. Losing Kiko was a blow since he was at his peak. Had Kiko not introduced Teemu, we’d have faced a tougher situation.”

Mustaine appreciated Loureiro’s recommendation, emphasizing Teemu’s fit for the band:

“Teemu is exactly who Megadeth needs. Kiko understood what I was looking for in a guitarist, making his recommendation invaluable. I’m grateful to him and wish him all the best in his future endeavors.”

The transition period saw Teemu Mäntysaari, from Wintersun, stepping in for Loureiro for the remainder of the 2023 tour. Later, Mustaine announced Mäntysaari would continue with them for the 2024 tour dates.

On November 19, 2023, Loureiro announced he’d be extending his break into 2024. Despite suggesting Mäntysaari as his replacement, Loureiro mentioned to management and Mustaine that bringing back Marty Friedman might be a more suitable choice for the band’s future.

Loureiro’s decision to take a break for family reasons in Finland came as a surprise to Mustaine, especially since it followed closely after a successful show in Florida with the Misfits. Loureiro shared:

“Announcing my break was tough. I was torn between my commitment to play and my need to be with my family. Dave wasn’t expecting this, but after our show in Florida, I discussed it with him and the management. I promised to assist in finding a suitable replacement to ensure Megadeth could continue seamlessly.”

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