David Lee Roth And Alex Van Halen Stand Against Wolfgang VH: ‘We Don’t Want To Pay Lawyer Fees’

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David Lee Roth has responded to Wolfgang Van Halen’s accusation regarding the absence of Van Halen’s final album, ‘A Different Kind Of Truth,’ from streaming platforms. Turns out, Roth isn’t the only one unenthusiastic about seeing the record online.

A few months back, Wolfgang claimed that the album wasn’t available on major streaming services because Roth personally disliked it. In a new video titled ‘Family Therapy..,’ Roth sarcastically apologized for ‘upsetting some people’ and expressed his love for his ‘old rock band,’ while also reminiscing about the late guitarist Eddie Van Halen.

The video took an unexpected turn as Roth staged a humorous therapy session between Wolfgang and a mock therapist. Wolfgang vented his frustration over the album’s absence from streams, only to be told by the fictional therapist that the 2012 LP was essentially a commercial flop. The mock therapist bluntly stated:

“Son, commercially speaking, your album was DOA (dead on arrival), KTC (kicked to the curb), and a complete FP (faceplant).”

Roth then hinted at the band’s reluctance to engage in costly legal battles with record labels and streaming services over an album that he and Van Halen drummer Alex Van Halen don’t hold in high regard. He suggested that the effort and expense of renegotiating the album’s streaming rights weren’t worth it, likening the album’s reception to Muhammad Ali’s final fights.

Despite its initial commercial success, ‘A Different Kind Of Truth’ was pulled from Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music in October 2022. Wolfgang expressed frustration during a chat with SiriusXM’s ‘Trunk Nation,’ indicating that certain individuals, including Roth, were hindering efforts to restore the album’s streaming availability.

This recent controversy follows a pattern of discord within the Van Halen camp. In a previous video titled ‘This Crazy Kid..,’ Roth criticized Wolfgang for ejecting his invited guests from a New York performance during the band’s final tour. Roth accused Wolfgang of mishandling ticket arrangements, highlighting ongoing tensions within the group.


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