VH Engineer Defends Eddie Van Halen’s Replacement Of Michael Anthony With Wolfgang

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Engineer Ross Hogarth expressed his viewpoint on the controversy surrounding Eddie Van Halen’s decision to have his son Wolfgang replace Michael Anthony in Van Halen in 2007.

Hogarth discussed this topic during his appearance on Anthony Merinelli’s Music YouTube channel, where he also recounted his experiences working on Van Halen’s final studio album, “A Different Kind of Truth.” This album marked the band’s reunion with David Lee Roth and introduced Wolfgang in place of original bassist Michael Anthony.

Hogarth spoke candidly about the situation, acknowledging Michael Anthony’s stellar reputation but emphasizing the unique bond between Eddie and Wolfgang.

He described the joy both father and son derived from making music together, a sentiment that transcended any external criticism. He pointed out the irreplaceable family dynamics, especially the harmonious connection when Eddie played alongside his brother Alex and nephew Wolfgang, creating a sound only possible within their family.

In addition to discussing the lineup change, Hogarth delved into the technical side of recording the album. He detailed the methods used to capture Eddie’s distinct guitar tone, the innovation behind the dual-channel rendition of Eddie’s mono sound, and the nuances of Eddie’s preferred sound effects pedals.

Hogarth also touched on the art of achieving the perfect drum sound and the profound brotherly bond that served as the backbone of Van Halen’s music. The complete interview with Hogarth on Anthony Marinelli’s channel offers an in-depth look at these aspects and more, providing fans with a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the band’s creative process.

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