David Lee Roth Disses Sammy Hagar In His New Song (Again)

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David Lee Roth is stirring the pot with his bandmates yet again.

He recently dropped a video on YouTube titled ‘Where Is David Lee Roth Director’s Cut?’ which appears to feature a new song. In it, he throws shade at Sammy Hagar through his lyrics, continuing their longstanding rivalry. The verse points out:

“Sammy Hagar’s not the same / You can drop that singer from extreme / But no matter where you roam / There’s a bit of David in everyone.”

Roth’s Background in Throwing Shade

The feud between Hagar and Roth is nothing new, with Roth often making jabs at Hagar, like accusing him of being ‘sex-probed,’ and Hagar excluding Roth from his tour. Roth’s penchant for dissing extends beyond Hagar to include Wolfgang Van Halen as well. Following a recent spat with Wolfgang, where Roth claimed Wolfgang criticized his lack of attention on stage during their tour together, Hagar has responded to Roth’s barbs, though Roth has remained quiet on his comments towards Wolfgang.

As for Roth’s criticism of Wolfgang Van Halen, Hagar suggests it might be driven by envy:

“It seems like there might be a hint of jealousy there, doesn’t it? Like he feels left out or something?”

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