Dee Snider Drops Twisted Sister Reunion Bombshell

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In early April, Dee Snider hinted at the possibility of a Twisted Sister reunion as offers for a new tour continued to escalate. Responding to a recent inquiry from a fan, Snider clarified that while discussions about a reunion had taken place, nothing concrete was in motion at present.

The prospect of a reunion gained traction after the band’s 2023 performance at the Metal Hall of Fame, but some fans expressed concern about the band potentially reuniting solely for financial gain. Snider acknowledged this sentiment, agreeing that motivations should extend beyond monetary incentives. However, he hinted that under certain circumstances, an irresistible offer could sway their decision.

Furthermore, Snider revealed that the band had contemplated reuniting for select appearances at political rallies, particularly in support of causes they deemed significant. With a pivotal election year ahead, Snider emphasized the importance of banding together to advocate for causes such as women’s rights, distancing himself from political figures like Mr. Trump.


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