Dee Snider Hints TWISTED SISTER Reunion: “We’re Getting Offers That Cannot Be Refused”

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Dee Snider revealed that Twisted Sister is facing tempting offers for a reunion, making it increasingly difficult to resist. The surviving members have engaged in preliminary discussions on potential comeback shows and the logistics involved.

In a recent interview with The Hook Rocks, Snider attributed the surge in demand for reunions to the retirements and deaths of many iconic bands. While Twisted Sister had initially no plans to return after eight years of hiatus, Snider acknowledged the growing allure of the offers they’re receiving. He humorously quoted his father’s advice about considering opportunities beyond mere intentions.

While the band hasn’t committed to a reunion yet, Snider admitted they’re approaching a tipping point where serious consideration is warranted. They’ve started brainstorming about the logistics and preparations needed if they do decide to accept an offer.

Snider mentioned a shift in the band’s stance, from outright refusal to entertaining the possibility. Light-heartedly, he hinted at discussions involving personal trainers, diets, and hair extensions—a far cry from their previous mindset of staying retired.

Reflecting on their past reunion, Snider emphasized the bonds of friendship among the band members. Reuniting previously not only reignited their musical journey but also strengthened their personal relationships—a significant factor in considering another reunion.

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