Dino Cazares Explains Why ‘Ride The Lightning’ Is Better Than ‘Master Of Puppets’

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In a recent conversation on Wired In The Empire with Radioactive MikeZ, Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares delved into the ongoing Metallica debate, comparing the impact of ‘Ride The Lightning’ and ‘Master Of Puppets.’

Cazares shared a pivotal memory that shaped his perspective: witnessing Metallica’s electrifying performance during their ‘Ride The Lightning’ tour, an event that profoundly influenced his view on the band’s work.

Cazares vividly remembered Metallica’s opening act for Armored Saint, where Metallica’s intense performance and energy notably overshadowed the headliner. This experience, seeing Metallica in their prime, raw state, solidified ‘Ride The Lightning’ as his preferred album, despite recognizing ‘Master Of Puppets’ as a seminal work in its own right.

He highlighted the distinct rawness and ferocity of ‘Ride The Lightning,’ particularly tracks like ‘Fight Fire With Fire,’ which resonated with him more deeply than the polished brilliance of ‘Master Of Puppets.’ Cazares also reflected on seeing Metallica open for Ozzy Osbourne, noting the different atmosphere of a larger venue and Osbourne’s glam phase, which contrasted with the raw Metallica show he initially experienced.

Discussing the nuances between the two albums, Cazares pointed out the advancements in production and the more complex songwriting on ‘Master Of Puppets.’ Yet, for him, the primal energy of ‘Ride The Lightning’ held a special allure.

Cazares has also spoken about James Hetfield’s influence on his guitar playing, particularly Hetfield’s rhythm technique and distinctive tone. Appearing on the Speak N’ Destroy podcast, Cazares praised Hetfield’s mastery of down-picking and palm muting, elements that have inspired his own guitar work. This admiration underscores the significant impact Metallica has had on Cazares, both as a musician and a fan, reinforcing the profound connection he feels to ‘Ride The Lightning’ and its raw, unfiltered expression of metal.

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