Ozzy Osbourne says T-Pain’s War Pigs cover is “The Best Ever”

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Ozzy Osbourne recently commended T-Pain for his remarkable rendition of Black Sabbath’s classic “War Pigs,” hailing it as the finest cover to date.

T-Pain’s interpretation, which he included on his album “On Top Of The Covers” alongside versions of songs by Journey and Sam Smith, offers a unique blend of soul and rock, staying true to the original’s spirit. His live performance of the song gained widespread acclaim and viral status.

Osbourne took to social media, specifically on X (previously known as Twitter), to express his admiration: “This is the best cover of War Pigs ever. Why didn’t you guys call me?” he posted.

In related news, Osbourne had to recently debunk rumors of his demise, which were fueled by misleading YouTube videos. On an episode of The Osbournes podcast, he firmly stated, “I’m not dead. I’m not going anywhere. I plan to perform more gigs before I’m done.”

He humorously noted the YouTube clips incorrectly listing him among recent celebrity deaths: “They put it on that I died…I’m not dead. Just a little flesh wound.”

Additionally, his wife Sharon Osbourne has shown interest in rebooting Ozzfest as a touring festival. She expressed willingness to proceed, contingent on bands having realistic expectations regarding their performance fees. Ozzfest, which last took place in 2018, was put on hold largely due to financial disputes with band management.

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