Eddie And Alex Van Halen Wanted To Be Lovers With Ann And Nancy Wilson

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During a candid chat on the Howard Stern Show, Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart dropped a bombshell, revealing that Eddie and Alex Van Halen once made advances towards them.

When Stern probed about the rumors of the Van Halen brothers’ interest in a sexual relationship, Nancy quipped, “It was like a publicist’s dream. Like the guys in KISS. Publicist dream, the Wilson sisters and the guys in KISS.”

As Stern dug deeper into how the Van Halen duo broached the subject, Ann recalled, “I think just during a long night of reveling.” Nancy chimed in, adding, “Yeah, one of many bad ideas one night.”

The Heart sisters’ first encounter with the Van Halen brothers, detailed in Heart’s memoir ‘Kicking And Dreaming: A Story Of Heart, Soul And Rock & Roll’ by Jessica Hopper, was memorable, to say the least. Nancy recounted an eventful evening where Eddie and Alex engaged in a marathon of Kamikaze-drinking, followed by a cocaine-fueled escapade, culminating in a bizarre cycle of fistfights and heartfelt declarations of love.

Despite the unconventional introduction, Heart and Van Halen shared the stage multiple times in the 1980s, with Nancy even paying tribute to Eddie in her solo album ‘You and Me’ with a track titled ‘4 Eddie.’ Reflecting on the genesis of the song in an interview with AXS TV, Nancy revealed how she gifted Eddie an acoustic guitar during their touring days, prompting him to explore its melodic potential. Eddie’s subsequent excitement over a song he crafted on the acoustic inspired Nancy to create her own homage, ‘4 Eddie,’ as a token of their musical camaraderie.

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